Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome to the Crash Course Karaoke Blog!

Hello everyone! And welcome to the blog! First off, I'll welcome the CCK 'regulars'; Brandon (& his crew); Rockin' Robin; John D. & Maria; Isaac; Marky Mark; Ron K.; Corey Lim & Dillon (where r u guys?); Rockstar Richard; Christine; and John A... Also, want to give props to the AWESOME Live Karaoke band; 'Your gigilo' on Lead Guitar, Alan Bigelow; Bassist 'Randy Andy Eye Candy' Mattina; Keyboard and Rhythym Guitarist Joe 'Chica-Chica-Chica-Relli', and the sexiest Drummer in the world, Kristie Lee! And props to the Kenny's crew, who keeps things together; the Bartender Andrea; Sound Engineer, Zach; and Bouncer, Harrison!

CCK plays at Kenny's Castaways every Sunday night, 8:00pm, no cover - and did I mention, they're awesome?! I get to be a rockstar every week, how COOL is that?! They're also available for private bookings. Please feel free to check back periodically, I'll be doing updates after the Sunday night gigs, and will occasionally add photos, videos, etc... so you'll always know what's goin' on! 'Til then...

Kristina ;)