Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It was 'Hostless Karaoke night' at Kenny's w/CCK! At least the 'Zach attack' was back, playin' some tunes in between.

Oh, and they did a great job of putting locks on the women's room doors, and givin' us some soap, yay!!! But, I ponder this for the men..., did 'mis-measure the door?

In any case, enjoy the sideshows w/the captions...recapping last week's festivities!

Crash Course Karaoke will be celebrating their 4th Anniversary at Kenny's, AND, their 300th show!!! So come out & celebrate on SUNDAY, APRIL 18TH! For the FIRST. TIME EVER...Kristie Lee AND Joe Mitch, will BOTH...BE...DRUMMING throughout the night!!!

"Wonder Twins (Drummers) Activate!!"

If you missed the 200th CCK celebration in 2008, here's what it looked like!

Who brought the pinata?

Havin' a GREAT time dancin'!

A poster I made for CCK, of past & present CCK'ers...

Don't miss the celebration yo...


-"You're like butter -- you're on a roll!"
Colin, to Dylan, after Dylan rocked out "Tush", by ZZ Top!

-"You look pretty formal, did you get married?"
-"Uh, no..."
Said to me by one of the patrons at the bar...
I guess black is new 'bridal look'...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It was a fun night, even though Selene decided it was THE best time to balance her checkbook!

It's going to be a 'hostless' karaoke for the next few weeks, while Ryan is away -- we'll miss his fun intros...

But in the meantime, come on in, sign up on the list, and get ready to rock, yo...

...and hang out w/the 'gang'!

Stay tuned for the upcoming 4th yr. celebration, of Crash Course at Kenny's!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another rockin' night at Kenny's! Life has gotten extremely busy these days, but, still want to take the time to give some CCK highlights!

-Selene singing "Hate Myself...", and "You're So Vain", w/a cold, dedicating the latter to Ryan, who somehow KNEW it was about him!!

- John D.'s recording of "This is the Moment", played in btwn. sets.

-Me makin' an SNL reference to "Hand in my Pocket", per Alan's request, which, um I don't think anyone heard, but, I'll call it a highlight anyway...

-For the first time ever, Kristie Lee sang ("Son of a Preacher Man"), while Joe Mitch was on drums!

The crowd went wild!

-Rockin' Robin & I dancing to a mash-up of "Relax", and "Play That Funky Music"

DanniMac's friend(s) from Georgia - The Republic, not the State...

-Joe Mitch & Ryan's duet to "Enter Sandman"

-DanniMac & I 'trashing' the place at the end of the night.

Hope everyone had a Happy St. Patty's Day!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"I'd like to thank The Academy..."

It was the night of the Academy Awards,and Kenny's classed up the joint, complete w/candles on the tables!

So I tried to add to it, by drinking my wine, w/my pinky-finger lifted...

"I say...Cheers!"

While I was TAPING the Emmys...Selene started us off w/some "Bobby McGhee"; Nick, who got there at the earliest ever, lol, sang "Tush", and uh, gave a little curtsy afterward; Corey-Lim sang "Sweet Child of Mine", Rockin' Robin rocked out "Angel From Montgomery"; Dylan sang a new one - "Drift Away"; and DanniMac (welcome back!) sang "Born to be Wild"!

Selene & her Mom sang a duet to "Harper Valley PTA"; Maria sang "Dream a Little Dream"; Ben rocked out "White Wedding"; I played 'musical director' and sang Melissa Ethridge, "I Wanna Come Over", Bran-DOHN did a 'velvetty' "You Send Me"; Joe rocked out "Enter Sandman" yo...

On a personal note, I'd like to thank everyone who helped save me from falling off the stool, and breaking, I wasn't drunk, despite the photo of me drinking wine here... But, I did see the past 4 yrs. at Kenny's flash before my eyes! Which brings me to...CCK will be celebrating their fourth year at Kenny's, in April! Bring it on yo!!!!

Behold the power of purple!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Full Moon Sunday Night!

Does this not look like it was a full-moon Sunday night at Kenny's?

'Nuff said. So consider this a rather abbreviated blog, but I will leave you with this thought:

Deep Thoughts, by John D.

-Michael Buble (Pronounced 'boob-lay'...)