Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The Blogstress, & 'Trooper' Ted

Yay!!!!!!!! Alan, who was like Bo Diddley, sittin' in the back corner, playin' guitar, singin' backup vocals, and even cue-ing us (ok me,) in!

"Welcome Back..." Alan!

We're glad to have the full band, (& the full list) back!!!

"Captain America"

Bran-DONE/"Captain America" was the host Sunday night! Bobby Rappaport started us off with "Let It Roll"; Davey Monster sang "Casey Jones"; Rockin' Robin sang

"I Hate Myself for Lovin' You";

and the youngest singer ever to appear at Crash Course was DanniMac's 7 yr. old nephew Ryan, who rocked "Hot and Cold"!

John D. rocked out "Hard to Handle" by the Black Crows ("CAW! CAW!...) Mrs. D. belted out "Summertime";

Marky Mark sang some "Folsom Prison Blues"; I took a page out of Ryan's songbook and sang "Dani California"; and 'Trooper' Ted sang "You Are So Beautiful" - Randy Andy, and the blogstress were 'dukin' it out, to see who that was meant for...shucks..., though don't think it was either.... (sigh)...

Corey Lim, who's doing a set w/Crash Course next Sun. at 7:00pm at Kenny's, was "Just A Girl"; Dylan gave us "Wonderwall";

Edgar ('Mr. Songbook's', Joe Chicarelli's doppleganger') sang "Mr. Brightside";

and Ron K. asked us 'how does it feel...?' "Like a Rolling Stone".

Kristie Lee's hubby Ted, brought the fam...

Josh, rocked out "Enter Sandman",

while Jared played w/his cool toys!

Cool Toys

Mo crooned with "Give Me One Reason"; Brandon & Friends sang "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"; Rockstar Richard sang "Sympathy for the Devil"; Colin crooned "Let's Stay Together"; and 'Don't Forget the Lyrics Winner' Mark, belted "Surrender".

"Brandon & Friends"

And for the first time in the history of Crash Course Karaoke...

CCK 'Wild Card'!

That's right, it was the first Wild Card ever! Showtime Shon was the first to pick a 'card', and his song was "New York, New York", which he brought the house down with! Rockin' Robin and I channeled the Rockettes, and were kickin' our legs up and dancin' like it was opening night at Radio City Music Hall!

Bobby Rappaport kept the energy goin' with "Hotel California"; DanniMac, assisted by John D., sang "Man on the Moon"; Gary and Pete, Brandon's friends from Long Island sang "Shout"; Michelle sang "Mr. Jones and Me", this time by the COUNTING Crows ("CAW!").

Erica crooned "Preacher Man"; Brandon & 'Trooper' Ted sang "Lean On Me";

John D. sang "Come Together"; Sue from L.I. sang some Pink; Oscar belted some Led Zepplin; Leah sang "A Little Piece of My Heart"; and someone who's name I didn't get ROCKED OUT "Like the Way I Do"!

And then it was my turn to do CCK Wild Card! I picked the Ace of Spades, which I may have been swayed by John D. earlier:


(looks around)

"Hey! So I have an idea of what one of the Wild Card songs is."

"Oh yeah? What?"

"I think one of 'em is 'Ace of Spades'?

"Really? How do you know?"

"You can see it from here -- look..."

"Ace of Spades? Really? Is that on the list?"

(GUFFAWS of laughter!!!!)
"It's NOT on the list, I KNOW that's the actual 'Ace of Spades' card!"

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

So, what did I pick for my Wild Card? The 'Ace of Spades'! (The 'card')

"Please let me get a good one...please let me get a good one..."

And what's the song? Drumroll please... Alicia Keys?!!! Could there BE any other song completely in another range?

"That's why it's called "Crash Course."

"Oh, Oh...

Hey, so, who's idea was this?!

Anyway, I sang it, it was sung, and that's that. Always up for a challenge yo, and that's what it was. Mo was the next and last singer to try Wild Card, and chose "Oops I Did It Again"! Oh, I SO coulda done THAT! Anyway, he was a champ, and pulled it off. I say we give a hand to us three brave (or drunk) souls, who chose the Wild Card!!!

Ashley sang some Santana; Rockstar sang "White Wedding", and Kristie Lee closed out the night with "Time After Time."

DanniMac took some videos, you can check 'em out here: www.youtube.com/dcmacinnes

And check out Crash Course's updated website: http://www.crashcoursekaraoke.com/

'Til Sunday folks...

Kristina ;)

Quotes corner:

- Reverend Colin

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back in business...!

The Reverend Colin, & The Blogstress

That's right folks - the Reverend Colin is responsible for the Blogstress' photo taking frenzy - so when you see him, send him a 'shout-out' (and a drink!)

And speaking of drinks, a thanks to the Sapporo gals who were handing out free Sapporos...

Ted says 'thanks' too...

Speaking of frenzies - (ok, back to the earlier reference of the photo taking frenzy) the night started out with all of us hurriedly filling out our song cards, er, napkins...

...prompting Ryan to liken it to an animal 'feeding frenzy', complete with us (me) mimicking the sounds of a chicken, for dramatic effect.

Ryan started off the night with some Red Hot Chili Peppers, (though they didn't come from Kenny's kitchen, because it's STILL closed!)

And let me just take this opportunity to GIVE A SHOUT OUT to our host, Ryan!
"California rest in peace
Simultaneous release
California show your teeth
She's my priestess,
I'm your priest

And see? He's poo-poo'ing the 'shout out' - I see how ya are...it's cool, yo...

Rockstar Richard continued with "Still Rock-'n'Roll";

John D., not with a 'brass monkey', but a plastic orange monkey on his shirt, belted out "Zombie"; the Reverend Colin gave us a "Higher Love"; Rockin' Robin rocked out as always, with "Dream On"; and I sang "Close To You", and dedicated it to the Reverend.

KRISTINA (to Colin)
"Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you."

But the Reverend appeared to be busy...texting...

"omg...y is this gurl singin' 2 me?"

KRISTINA (to Colin)
"Why do stars fall down from the sky..."

"omg...who r u?"

Anyway, Julie sang "Crazy"; Maja belted some "Proud Mary"...

Maja and Julie

...Showtime Shon made us all "Imagine"; the lovely Christine Kern sang "Beautiful"; Ben channeled Johnny Cash in "Folsom Prison Blues"; and Ron K. 'Ron K.'d "My Girl"!

DanniMac channeled Bono, and really got into singin' "Vertigo";

Marky Mark rocked out "Oh Boy"...,

...while Rockin' Robin & I did back up -- from the audience... And while a CCK 'newbie' sang "Wonderwall", Showtime Shon, John D., and Colin sang backup...from the audience...

"Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna bring it back to you!"

After the break, Tommy Tunes, a CCK 'newbie' sang "Creep"; Nick sang "Semi-Charmed Life";

Bobby Rappaport sang some Amy Winehouse - "You Know That I'm No Good"; Mo ('Money') sang "Imagine"; Maja sang "At Last", to Colin's approval:
"That's alright!!!!!"

Julie belted out "Magic Man"; Colin sang "You May Be Right"; Rockin' Robin sang "Just Like a Pill"; John D. BELTED out "Man In The Box"; Ben sang "Man in the Moon"; Ron K. sang an Allman Brothers song, "Melissa";

and Colin thought he'd better play it safe by wearing a helmet during my newest song by The Offspring, "Self-Esteem".

Props to DanniMac for taking video, and uploading to YouTube. To check out your songs/videos, type in:
www.youtube.com/dcmacinnes; click on "playlists".

And enjoy are some random pics of the CCK family!

Um, r we at a the library?

Editors Note: OMG - I left out one of our CCK'ers, even though I have two pics of her right here - sorry Selene! It's either because I write my notes on Kenny's cocktail napkins, or because I was drinkin' (Sapporo) beer AND wine -- or both, but, props to you rockin' out on "Red Neck Woman" -- Hell Yeah!

Coming this Sun., Brandon will be hosting, and there will possibly be a CCK Wild Card song drawing!!! Stay tuned...'til then...

Kristina ;)

Quotes Corner:

"Reading the blog is almost like being here in person - I see everything that goes on, and only pay $1.50 for coffee!"
- Ron K.

"Reverendly", means 'of the most hard core Reverends'. Word to the Bible.'"
- The Reverend Colin