Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Need more Cowbell!"

After the two week-long w/drawl -- ok, MY two week long w/drawl from CCK, we were all back in full swing!

There was lots to celebrate on Sunday -- John D.'s birthday; I sang
a(nother) new song; and, well, the 'gang' was back!


I was having so much fun, I didn't take a single note. Yikes! At the time, I thought it was 'all in my head', and usually it is (I'm told)...but now, after the red wine has worn off, some of the details are a bit fuzzy. Shouldn't that be the other way around? Good thing I took lots of pics!

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was Natalie, and her new hair!!! Way cool!!

We were all very glad to see each other!

Let's see, what else -- some songs were sung; some cake was eaten; more songs were sung...

"...In New York...!"

Oh!! And shout out to Ryan's 'moms' Ellyn, who was in town, visiting from my hometown in VA!! You'll have to imagine what she looks like though, as she was being camera shy - as was the rest of Ryan's crew (yo) -- you know who you are...

In celebration of John D.'s b'day, he and Rockin' Robin rocked out a "Dream On" duet, then we all had yummy Red Velvet cake!

"Dream On!!"

Yummy Red Velvet Cake

"Hmm...I wish... sing another song..."

Thanks for the cake Mrs. D., who later rocked out "You're No Good!"

Is that sunburn?
In the middle of February?

Rockin' Robin & Mrs. D.

John D. & Shawn

John D.'s Niece enjoyed the celebration!

One of the night's standouts was Selene on the cowbell, during her (our) song "Don't Fear the Reaper".

But honestly, we think it could've used 'a litte more cowbell'.

Davey Monster modeled his new Sean John coat.

Ron K. in his, uh, very white coat!

Hangin' out yo...

The Reverend Colin should have sang
"These Boots Were Made For Walkin'"

"Yay!! CCK is back!"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Sunday Singin'!

Before we get started, there are 3 announcements:

#1.) CCK will NOT be playing next Sunday, Feb. 14th. Kenny's Castaways is having a benefit for Haiti earthquake survivors. Please visit their site for more details:

#2.) CCK will be playing next Thursday night, Feb. 18th, from 10PM-1AM, at Kenny's Castaways, for a birthday party, however, ALL are welcome!

#3.) CCK will be playing a Habitat for Humanity benefit on Fri., Feb. 26th, from 8 PM – 12:00AM, at the Knights of Columbus, West Prospect St. & Smith, Waldwick, NJ.

Ok, now, on to blog business.

It was Superbowl Sunday, which to me, meant, uh, a bunch of guys runnin' around, throwin' a football. I'm hearing the groans already, from you avid football fans. But I did like watching 'Peytie Pie'...
(not pictured...I don't!)

CCK did a short first set, then broke so everyone could watch the last few minutes of the game.

I gotta admit, that was pretty exciting!

And Dylan and Corey Lim showed their team spirit!

Marky Mark & I got in on the action as well:

I've added
another slide show depicting some of the songs sang that night. Selene responded to Marky Mark's "Summertime Blues", by saying "I've got that right now!"

Some of the highlights include me, singin' 'Fever', to Joe Mitch bangin' on the 'skins' yo...THAT was what's up!
For those who missed it, or, who just want to view again, check it out - the sound is muffled, but, you'll get the gist:

I'm not sure if this is a highlight, or a quote, or neither...but, according to Dylan quoting a Trivia tidbit from the Philippines, that if you sing "My Way", you have a better chance of getting shot... Um, huh? I think we'll need to see that in writing, and, maybe apologize to Frank, who sang, well, Frank!!!

Another interesting thing from Sunday -- waiting (and waiting) for Mike to finish his phone call before opening the second set.

Quotes Corner:

Corey Lim, singing: "It's been 7 hrs. and 16 days.."

Kristina: "That's alright!!!"

Joan, singing: "...pumped a lot of tane down in New Orleans..."

Corey Lim: "What exactly is tane short for?"
Kristina: "Butane"?

Brandon: "Octane."
Dylan: "P**n T**g" (C'mon, it's a PG, and sometimes R-rated blog, lol!)

CCK is back next Sunday, Feb. 21st - we'll see you there!!

Lovely Lilly will hopefully
come back and sing!

COMING SOON! CCK on Facebook AND Twitter!! :)

Peace out!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Crash Course started off the night with a bang, following Ryan's cousin's band.

Here's another cool sideshow, showing some of the CCK singers:

Some highlights from the night include Bran-DOHN keeping count of every time the Rev. Colin yelled "That's alright!" I think the total was 7, which meant that had we all drank a shot each time, we would have all had to have been carried out from Kenny's!

Some other highlights include my 'threat' to Dylan, to be banned from the blog -- for 'interfering w/the blogstress' photos.

Good thing I know how to crop!

Other highlights include John D. playing bouncer, to Colin's uh, surprise guest onstage...

...and as always, we're always a fun (& friendly) bunch!

Selene & I met some folks from her 'Motherland' -- TN:

Just another night at CCK!

And for those who didn't stay 'til the very end, you missed out on some 'mean' games of Scattegories!!

And Ryan, we're still debating 'Ladder' for 'Things that grow', starting with the letter 'L'...

Special report for Sun., Feb. 12th - there will be no CCK (insert gasp here). The reason being:

Kenny's Castaways & their house band, Jason's Jam Benefit Concert in support of the earthquake victims of Haiti. All proceeds will be donated to The American Red Cross. There is no cover charge, only donations.