Friday, July 30, 2010

Singer/Blogstress? HOSTESS...?

Hey folks, before we get started, Crash Course
is now on Facebook...

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It was a party all night at Kenny's - starting off with Selene doin' a set for her birthday...

...with a uh, special guest drummer, Joe uh, Kristie Lee... uh, Joe Mitch, with (red) hair??!!

Marky Mark & Cindy seemed to enjoy it!

I only got to take a few pics during the actual Crash Course show, 'cause I was uh, a little busy bein' the host yo...!

Christina sang some Brittany & Madonna...

Rockin' Robin ROCKED it out, as always!

Wilma TORE. IT. UP!!!

"Need more cowbell!"...during "Don't Fear the Reaper"

The Most Reverend Colin won the
Blue Point beer tap award for
"Bluest song of the night."

The Wedding party...

A new CCK'er rockin' it out...

...Will, another newbie...

The Aussie sings "The Immigrant Song"...

...and Alan Lee Backer & I closed out the night with the 'Glen Campbell version' of Green Day's "Time of Your Life"!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Chillin' out @ Kenny's

Um, psst, Dylan...WAKE UP!!! ;)

It was a bit of a 'chill' night at Kenny's... As the temperature outside reached a near heat wave status again, we did our best to keep cool...

...some of us were a bit 'too chill'...

Anyway, we did 'carry on', albeit w/out a host...

This couple seemed to be enjoying both singin'...

and dancin'!

And uh, WHO'S the Paparazzi?!

Be sure to join Selene for her B'day set before Crash Course,
this Sun., at 7:00pm, July 25th!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

Was a bit of a Lazy Sunday, as I took no notes, and mostly somewhat blurry photos, as I was too busy catchin' up w/my peeps, from (many) years past!

This gentleman sang a really good, but rarely sung CCK selection, "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb. Bran-DOHN was saying that this song is going to be entered into the Great American Songbook, joining the likes of Irving Berlin; Duke Ellington, and Cole Porter!

This young lady was a hoot - singin' (Oh!) 'Mickey'!

Rockin' Robin rocked out as always, with "Angel From Montgomery"

Corey Lim channeling Melissa Ethridge

John D. croons Jim Morrison

Arran, representing Australia, belted out "Sweet Child of Mine"

The Reverend (or 'Special Agent K'?)

Corey Lim & Marky Mark (Orbison) singing 'Pretty Woman'

Dylan...we're so proud!

Go Shawn!

Christine in the house, singing' 'You Outta Know'

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yo yo, 'kickin' it' w/Shawn & Selene...on our way to CCK!

Rooftop view of the fireworks

The regulars at Kenny's wished the band a BIG welcome back!

Dylan & Corey Lim celebrated by singing a duet

Selene & Brandon dueted to 'Reflections'

and these gals 'dueted' to "Groove is in the Heart"...

...while Alan 'grooved' w/the sliding flute!

Rockin' Robin rocked out Pink's "Who Knew?"

John D. rocked out "Enter Sandman"

More singers @ Kenny's

Go Shawn!

Selene, on her way to her 100th...

Me, singin' "Low", by Cracker

More frolicking @ Kenny's: