Thursday, June 17, 2010

There will be no CCK this Sunday, June 20th. Please join us at Kenny's next Sunday, June 27th, and get ready to rock!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Farewell Kristie Lee!!


It was 7 years ago this past Sunday that Kristie Lee started playing with Crash Course Karaoke!! The place was Siberia... really, Siberia... in the 40's around 8th Ave., with the only 'sign' being a red light. We're def. gonna miss her and her AWESOME drumming, and beautiful voice!!!!

But she PROMISED to stay in touch from TX, and come back for a visit, so, we're gonna hold her to it!

Rockin' Robin crooned Pink's "Who Knew"

Selene & 'Zach attack'

Maria rocks out "Magic Man"!

John D.'s 'Hard to Handle'

Joe 'the Man' Mitch, singing "Imagine"
will be on the 'skins' starting Sun.

Go 'Electric Jazzy Janet'!

Some of the 'gang' getting their pics w/Kristie Lee!

Ryan sang all their fave songs...

Singin' the 9,999th CCK song...

And congrats to Marky Mark
who sang the 10,000th CCK song!

(Hope you enjoyed your champagne!)

T-Bone, rocking it out...

Selene blew the doors off of 'Helter Skelter'

Christine stopped by to sing some Alanis Morrissette

It's 'Still Rock 'n Roll' to DanniMac!

Selene & the Fresh Prince of karaoke sing "Empire State of Mind"

Kristie Lee 'passed the sticks' to Joe Mitch...

...while Ryan looks on...


Peace out...

'Word to your muthas'!

Check out DanniMac's YouTube videos:

Friday, June 4, 2010

We'll miss you Kristie Lee!!!

That's right folks - Kristie Lee and family are moving on, to Texas! It's the end of an era for CCK! I've known Kristie Lee for about 5 yrs., when CCK was playing at The Underscore, before Kenny's! We all agree -- she will indeed be missed!

This past Sunday, Brandon a.k.a. "Captain America:, was our host... us 'Karaoke Lottery' yo...

...which neither Colin, nor Brandon did...

...nor did 'Randy' Andy...

Gabby & Avatar were both born to be wild...

Frank crooned "Hotel California"

"Every time -- I look in the mirror..."

Robert as the "Pinball Wizard"

Stefano - "What is and What Should Never Be"

Rockin' Robin rocked out "Who Knew?"

"Electric Jazzy Janet"; Corey Lim & I sang
"Love Will Keep Us Together"

Selene and Lisa

The Reverend, & Rockin' Robin

Your blogstress, & Electric Jazzy Janet!

Selene rocked "Simple Man"...while getting to her goal of a hundred songs!

...while her 'fans' rocked on!

Suzie Q gave us some Melissa Ethridge...

...while Aaron did it 'My Way'

And now the reigns, or uh, drumsticks, are being passed to Joe Mich, who starts his full time tenure next Sunday, June 13th! I'm sure, uh, it'll be just, uh, fine...

"WonderTwin drummers, activate!!!"

So come out this Sunday and give Krisie Lee a proper farewell. And if anyone would like to leave a comment about their favorite 'Kristie Lee moment' - feel free!

We wish you all the best Kristie Lee!!!!!!!