Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Rabbi walks into a bar...

My biggest 'fan'...

...No really, a Rabbi really did walk into Kenny's on Sunday night. He didn't stay though - maybe he took one look at the amount of NAPKINS that the songs were written on, and decided to come back another time... Or, as Marky Mark stated, maybe he was looking for someone in need of a blessing...hmmm...

While the rest of the West Village was outside celebrating Gay Pride Day, we were inside singin' our hearts out.

"What are you gonna sing?"
"I don't know, what are you gonna sing?"

Joe Mitch was on the skins again this week!

Rockstar Richard started off the night singin' "Hard to Handle"; Marky Mark sang "Love Me Tender"; Sarah crooned "Our Lips Are Sealed"; John D. rocked out "Dream On"...

...while Selene gave 'props'.

Rockin Robin sang a newly added song to the list - "Pulling Mussels From A Shell"

(mmm, i love Mussels...and muscles...); Showtime Shon sang "Summertime"; Christine Kern rocked out "Crazy Train"; Corey Lim sang "Come to my Window"; and I sang "Creep".

'Big Dave' crooned "Fly Me to the Moon"; Davey Monster sang "Come Together"; Selene sang "Bette Davis Eyes"; John D. and Dylan rocked out "Man in the Box" -

- we're so proud!

Oscar sang Pat Benetar's "Love is a Battlefield"; Ron K. 'Ron K'd' up "My Girl";

Ron K. aka, 'Mr. GQ'

Roger sang some Billy Idol, and Joan rocked the house with "Magic Man"!

During the break, Christine Kern rocked the house with her original song - way to go girl!

Then Ryan opened the second set with "One";

Davey Monster sang "Sultan's of Swing"; Rockstar sang "Truckin'"; Marky Mark sang a new one off the list -- "Bye Bye Love"; the Reverend Colin
sang "You May Be Right";

Corey Lim sang "Don't Stop Belevin'"; I rocked out w/some Self-Esteem... 'Oh way-ohhhhhhhh...!' Selene sang "Black Velvet"; Bran-DONE/a.k.a. 'Captain America' stopping by after his B'klyn gig, sang "You Really Got a Hold on Me" - way to go Brandon!

And Betty sang a song that I've only heard done once at Kenny's -- ok, it was twice, and it was by me... and that was Sarah McLaughlin's "Ice Cream" (Yum!)

Enjoy some more pics from another rockin' fun night at Kenny's -- 'til Sunday! Your blogstress ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Blame it on the A-a-a-a-al-co-hol...!"

Your Blogstress

The pouring rain couldn't keep 'the masses' away --

'The masses...'

'Go Leah...it's your birthday...'

The majority of us arrived in the pourin' rain - nothin' like Blue Moon to relax, chill, and dry off - thanks (again) Dylan!

Rockstar Richard started off the night w/'Truckin'; Christine Kern rocked out Fiona Apple's "Criminal";

Marky Mark entertained with "Oh Boy"; Corey Lim rocked out "Sweet Child of Mine"; Michelle rocked the house with "Dream On" , in honor of her DreamOn Project; and Ron K. sang "The Weight", NOT "Take a Load of Fannie", like I keep calling it, lol; and the Reverend Colin (with a 'new handbag') entertained with "I Can See Clearly".

And I sang "Come to my Window", which makes it song # 98 for me!

Stay tuned for my very special 100th celebratory song title w/Crash Course Karaoke!

John and Mrs. D. showed up, and John D. sang "Dust in the Wind"; Leah, who was celebrating her birthday sang "I'm With You"...

someone who's name I didn't get rocked out "Proud Mary"; Selene, with some blonde goin' on...sang "Summertime";

Dylan sang "Santeria", and someone else who's name I didn't get sang "Walkin' on Sunshine"; Peter rocked out with "Folsom Prison Blues";

and welcomed his buddies...

...especially 'Alaska John'! (far right)

Props to Joe Mitch, who'll be rockin' out on the drums for the next few weeks! Nick sang "Semi-Charmed Life"; and, uh-oh, oops, I see I have the song written down "I Touch Myself", but, don't know who sang it...
I guess it was more of a challenge to take as copius notes as I normally do, because I was so busy socializing w/all of my karaoke friends at the bar! Hmm.. will have to figure out how to keep doing both...LOL!

Quotes Corner:

Selene (to me): "Why don't you get rid of your friend!"
Peter: "Me?!"
Selene: "No, the rain!"

'Tangled up in Blue...'

Me: (to Alan, whose using crutches, thinking he was needing help...)
"Hey, do you need any help?"
Alan: "Uh, I'm going to the bathroom."
Me: "Ah, well, carry on then."

Alan - back up in front!


"Hey John D., what's the 'F' stand for?"

Ok folks, 'til Sunday...

Your blogstress ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Beverly Hills No-1-2-1-0"

Showtime Shon & The Blogstress

It was a rockin' night at Kenny's! Ryan started out the night with "Low"; Davey Monster sang some Simon & Garfunkel; The Reverend Colin crooned "Let's Stay Together"; Rockstar Richard sang "Confortably Numb"; Michelle beat-boxed to "What's Up"; and Showtime Shon channeled Rod Stewart w/some "Maggie May".

Christine Kern rocked out with "You Outta Know"; 'Kanye East' sang some "Heartbreak Hotel"; Jason D. gave us a 'blast from the past' with "Faith"...
Kanye East & Jason D.

Matt C. sang "Sympathy for the Devil"; Jacob, the opening act, sang "Creep"; Selene was 'in your head, in your head', w/"Zombie"; and I sang some Melissa Ethridge!

Selene - 'In your head...in your head...'

Dylan was in the house, representin' -- singing 'bout his 'American Girl'...

Hey, thanks for the Blue Moon man! ;)

Natalia thanked him, for, uh, letting her pretend she was gonna hit him on the head w/a water bottle...

...and the Reverend Colin concluded with the 'blessing'
"No Woman, No Cry."

And Rockin' Robin & John D. observed.

Brett continued with some 'Plush', by STP (see, I'm hip!); Irenka and her crew were in the house, listenin' to her sing some Bad Company!

Natalia sang a 'way cool' version of "Wonderwall" ("Uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh") Krissy sang some Jane's Addiction; Davey Monster sang "Truckin'"; someone sang "I Touch Myself", though strangely enough, Ryan didn't make a 'dedication joke' to either Kristie Lee, or Andrea...hmmm....

Dancin' w/the Stars...

Oscar rocked out w/"Dream On"; the Reverend and Showtime Shon started the duets with "Lean On Me"; Bran-DONE and Christine Kern sang "Tangled Up in Blue"; Nick dedicated "Sweet Home Alabama" to his daughter; Rockin' Robin crooned to Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl"; Chris from LA sang "My Girl"; and Natalia ROCKED OUT "Heartbreaker"! Props to Joe C.'s solo on lead guitar!

Shout out to the gals from Missouri and Kansas...

Showtime Shon was hungry!

And it looks like a fun time was had by all!

Zach's drink w/two straws...ok, Rockin' Robin and I thought it was for us! Oops...

'Til next Sun...;)