Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CCK: Church of Latter Day Rockers!

Props to Corey Lim for supplying me with this week's title.

The second part of this title should be:

'Officiated by the Most Reverend Colin'...

...and Jay Z.

I just learned how to make these cool slide shows!! Props to new CCK member, Shawn - for showing me that this is possible! Hope you all like it!

Join us this coming Sunday, when everytime the Reverend Colin says "That's Alright!", we drink! Cheers!

Monday, January 18, 2010

"All New..."

That's right folks - new songs; new singers; and...a 'new' drummer?
(Sound cue: Record scratch).

Look ma...I'm drummin'!!

This took place at the very end of the night -- more on this later...

In the meantime, a lot of new folks joined us for some singin' on Sunday night! Ryan started us out with "Low";

Chris sang "My Own Worst Enemy"; Marky Mark sang "Folsom Prison Blues"; and Robert sang "Don't Stop Believing".

Rockin' Robin rocked out "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"; Kim, the b'day girl sag "Heartbreaker"; Peter rocked out "Basket Case"; Corey Lim sang one of my faves, "Since U Been Gone"; and I sang a new one -- "Man, I Feel Like a Woman"!

"Do you have the time...?"

"I can breathe for the first time..."

"Man, I Feel Like uh, you know..."

"We're singin' new songs yo..."

Davey Monster rocked out "Enter Sandman"; the Most Reverend Colin sang "No Woman, No Cry";

Dylan sang "American Girl";

Marge sang "Soak Up the Sun",

while her proud family looked on.

Chris rocked out the Punk Rock version of "My Way"; Elisa rocked out "Bitch", tho these days, maybe it should be changed to "Biotch", lol!

Elisa and some of her crew...

Michelle B. sang (I'm a) "Redneck Woman"; Bran-DOHN sang "Kansas City"; Ryan B. (believe it or not, there were like 3 Ryan B.'s!!) sang "LA Woman"; and Justin from the movie, "The Namesake" sang "Hard to Handle".

"Hey little thing let me light your candle..."

Rockin' Robin and CCK --
"Feelin' Alright'"

Shawn, the birthday boy, singin' some Billy Joel!

Christine sang "Oh Boy", a Marky Mark fave; Gilad rocked out 'Plush'; another Ryan B. sang "Simple Man"; Joe Bones rocked out "Monster Mash" - wait, ANOTHER Marky Mark fave!! And the Reverend Colin and Samir sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart".


"Once upon a time I was falling in love..."

Hilary sang "Mr. Jones" (and me); Ryan, yes OUR Ryan, rocked out "Hit Me Baby One More Time"; Brand-DOHN and John harmonized to "More Than Words"; Comedian Paul sang "Have You Ever Seen the Rain".

'Comedian Paul'

Some more memories from Sunday...

"The Body of..."

Alan, during "Little Wing"!

Go Alan!! Rock on!!

The Paparazzi, taking pics from the stage,
while my theme song played

And then it was time... For my debut... AS A DRUMMER!!

Joe Mitch sang "We Will Rock You"...

...while moi, was on the drums!!!

ROCK ON!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

'Family Night' at Kenny's!

That's right folks, was 'Family Night', mostly regulars, but still a great night, as always!

Bran-DOHN and Showtime Shon sang a cool "Kansas City";

Selene sang one of my faves to sing -- "I Wanna Come Over"; Ben sang the popular "Use Somebody", w/Kristie Lee doing an awesome harmony to Alan's 'Oh oh oh oh's...",

...and I sang a new (what song number is this? #107? #108?); "Low" --'Hey, hey, hey like being stoned!'

"Use Somebody!"

"That's wa's up..."

Davey Monster sang "Wild Horses"; Paula sang a bitchin' "Don't Stop Beleivin'"; Jeff sang "Free Falling"; Doug rocked out "Crazy Train"; Shawn sang "Rio", and Nick sang a song that had just been added, "Tush", by ZZ Top!


"What? There's cake?!"

Bran-DOHN and 'son', John D.


...while the band, uh, takes a 'break'...

Anyway, Bran-DOHN sang a lovely "Blackbird"; Showtime Shon & Colin sang a duet, but all I wrote in my notes was "I wanna know..."... hmmm...

and Dennis sang "Summer of '69"...

...Ryan and I sang a KILLER "One"; (see 'cover pic'), Colin sang "Simple Man", & Showtime Shon sang "Imagine".

Doug and I, a CCK 'groupie' from the UES days -- after we were
'Dancin' w/the Stars'

Remnants of Chinese food...

Doug, doing 'shadow puppets'
behind Selene...

Lounging at Kenny's


See ya'll on Sunday!


The Blogstress:
"I'm here 'til the bitter end."

Randy Andy:
"No, the Bitter End is down the street!"

"The table spilled my beer."
-Rev. Colin

The Blogstress:
"I'm putting THAT in the blog."

Randy Andy
"Most of what I say gets put in the blog."

The Blogstress:
"Most of what you say CAN'T get put into the blog!"