Friday, October 30, 2009

It was another 'host-less karaoke' format...

"Uh, where's the host?"

Rockin' Robin started off the night with "Angel From Montgomery";

Selene sang a lovely "More Than Words"
- a new song added to the list!

John D. sang "Feel Like Makin' Love" (hey now...)

and Natalia ROCKED THE HOUSE with...


I sang some Melissa Ethridge

and Sarah and Jeanette sang "Werewolf in London", in the spirit of Halloween!

Mrs. D. rocked out "9-5"; Colin sang "Summertime"

JD sang "Dust in the Wind"; Jeff wowed with "The Weight"!

Ben sang too, but, can't read my writing -- must have been all the uh, drinks..., I've included a pic of him and his crew...

Ben & the crew...

Kimo opened up the second set w/"My Girl"; Damien sang "Simple Man"; someone else sang "You're So Vain", but, I didn't get who because John D. was too busy singing:


Joan rocked the house with "Don't You Want Somebody to Love" - and, uh, wow!

Corey Lim did a great Tina - 'rollin'...! She even had the top to match!

And I was so busy taking pics of Dylan, that I forgot to write down what it was he sang!!

Vince! A 'blast from the past', rocked out his signature "Rolling Stone"

Rockstar sang "Truckin'"...

...while the crowd got up to dance.

And Christine wowed us with some Tracy Chapman's, "Give Me One Reason"!

Rockin' Robin & Jeanette

More singers:

See you Sunday folks!

The blogstress. ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


"Don't Stop Believin'!

Fellow CCK'er Michelle,

put on one heck of a DreamOn event, Mon. evening, Oct. 19th, with Crash Course Karaoke headlining!

Michelle created the Dream On organization, who's mission is to fulfill the dreams of young adults living with chronic illness and disease in being a rock star. DreamOn partnered with the national CancerCare Young Adult Alliance, to host a Live Band Karaoke Benefit at the Red Lion ('Grrrrr').

And who better to make people feel like a rock star, than our very own Crash Course Karaoke!

Vinnie Piazza started off the evening with acoustic karaoke.

OMG. I didn't think it was possible, but think I found another ANOTHER way to express my inner-rock star!

You'll recognize some of the others who expressed their inner rock star too!

Brian Raftery... of "Don't Stop Believin': How Karaoke Conquered the World and Changed My Life",

was the special guest!

There were raffles, and auctions...

and food, and drinks...

...and lots of friends, comin' out to support!

As the 'Karaoke Liason', I was busy, uh, 'liason-ing' between the guests' putting in their songs, and didn't get a chance to take notes. But, did take plenty of pictures, and I can tell you that it was one heck of a fun time, and for a great cause!

I was very happy to be a part of this evening, and, as always, CCK ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!

"Dream On"!

'Zach attack', sportin' 'the look'...

The night started out, with the band playing as a trio (w/Joe Mitch filling in on the 'skins'), and Alan giving us singers a lesson on the 'ins-and-outs' of the microphone.

Selene followed up with further 'instructions', then launched into "At Last." Sonia followed with "Black Velvet"; Marky Mark gave us "Folsom Prison Blues";

and Davey Monster sang "Hotel California".

Rockin' Robin rocked out "Criminal";

Dylan sang a new one - Green Day's "Basket Case";

"Do you have the time...?"

Marky Mark got into the spirit by singing "Monster Mash", while some CCK'ers danced;

CCK'ers dancin'...

and I had my own paparazzi doing a two-camera video shoot, when singin' "House of the Rising Sun".

Thanks Aaron...

...AND Marky Mark!!

Oscar-ino sang "Hard to Handle"; John D. rocked out w/some "Roadhouse Blues";

a 'newbie' to CCK who's name I didn't get sang a rousing "500 Miles";

and Peter, a 'blast from the past' sang "Plush",
in response to my suggestion... and Myron WOWED us w/some Smashing Pumpkins!

Welcome back guys!

And speaking of welcoming back...Randy Andy came in from his gig during the break, yay!

Christine Kern sang a beautiful "Beautiful" by Chrisina Aguilera;

Rockstar Richard sang "Comfortably Numb";

Billy sang "Simple Man".

...and by the time the Reverend got there, and sang his song, I think the blogstress was doing more socializing, than note/picture taking...

Uh, I said 'smile' Richard...

Some more pics from the night:

Hmm, any resemblance?

"Pssst...don't tell anybody my song..."

Corey Lim, and The Blogstress, w/her 'blog beer' - thanks Dylan! ;)

Peter & Andrea, in deep bar conversation...
"Hmm, bottle, or draft?"

Yum, cookies!

Hangin' w/my 'crew' yo... ;)

Zach & John D. in very important conversation in the sound booth, about the song playing...
"You can reach me by rail way..."

"Yeah, CCK rocks, yo!"

"Hail, hail (most of) the gang's all here..."

"Um, when can I sing
"Monster Mash"?

Stay tuned this week for another installation to the blog, about Monday night's DreamOn benefit, starring Crash Course Karaoke!

And see you Sunday!

Your Blogstres...;)


"I think you've been to more Crash Course shows than I have!"
-Randy Andy, to The Blogstress