Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to Live Band!

Everyone was glad to have the (revised) CCK band back, as the stage was pretty bare last week without our live band friends! Alan and Andy return next week, from their trip to India, touring with Solar Punch ( In the meantime Greg Ross was back on Bass and it almost seemed like old times, as Greg was the original Bassist for CCK! Good to be back on stage with you Greg!

Some of the 'Usual Suspects'

The 'usual suspects' were there - Bran-DOHN started off with "I Saw Her Standing There"; Showtime Shon sang "Creep"; Rockstar Richard sang "Let It Roll"; Christine sang "Something To Talk About"; Rockin' Robin gave us some K.T. Tunstall; and the Reverend Colin sang "Summertime".

The 'Reverend' Colin

Corey Lim belted out "I'm The Only One"; Marky Mark sang "Oh Boy"; Christine sang "White Rabbit"; Rockstar sang "Let It Roll"; Ron K. 'Ron K.'d' "My Girl"; and Selene rocked the house with "Enter Sandman"!

As always, in addition to hosting, Ryan cranked out the tunes in between singers, and had everyone up dancing! We danced both on the dance floor, and on the chairs (chairs, not pictured) to T.I:

Stacks on deck Patron' on ice
And we can pop bottles all night
Baby you can have whatever you like (you like)
I said you can have whatever you like (you like)Yeah

Some other highlights from Sunday night:
- Danni Mac getting politely 'kicked out' of the 'V.I.P.' section upstairs - ok so it's roped off but as you can see, he got some great pics!
- My yummy Grilled Chicken sandwich w/Fries
- Another 'wardrobe malfunction' for Christine - this time it was her shoes that were the culprit
- Colin passing out what looked to be like very generous shots of Jagermeister to the big group - Shakine singing 'Happy Birthday' to Leah
- Dylan's 'shock' when it looked like I was only drinking water (I was just cleansing my palette btwn. glasses 'o red wine)
- The 'fake baby' that one of the guest brought -- passing it around from one singer to another -- somehow it ended up in the tip jar at the end of the night...

The 'V.I.P.' Section

Continuing on with the singers, Andy belted out a whopping "New York, New York"; Danni Mac sang "Take It Easy"; one of the guys from the big party group rocked out "Sabatoge" (a fave of mine!); Ryan sang another fave of mine, "In The End"; Fallon sang "Sweet Transvestite"; and Maya belted out "Natural Woman", and her friend, who's name escapes me sang a sweet "Time After Time". Newcomer Stan belted out "La Bamba", and Ryan, 'Tony Tony Tony', and Leah closed the night with the rap version of "I'm Coming Out", which may or may not be added to the CCK list, but was cool nevertheless.

So next Sunday, the full CCK bnad will indeed be playing! We'll welcome back Andy and Alan, & hear all about their travels to India! And for those of you who are interested, it's Superbowl Sunday. Personally, my favorite parts of the Superbowl are the funny commericals, and the yummy, sour-creamed drenched, cheese-ladened snacks! For those of you who are fans, there is the wide screen TV, and the bar has plenty 'o nachos to go around, so grab some beers, sing some songs, and watch some home runs, er, I mean, touchdowns. 'Til next Sunday...

Your blogstress,

Kristina ;)

Your 'host with the most...'

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

(NOT Live-Band) Karaoke

'Kanye East' & I singin':

"Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day.
Take me to New York, I'd love to see LA.
I really want to come kick it with you.
You'll be my American Boy..."

That's right folks - it was karaoke of a 'different kind' this past Sunday night - Ryan brought in his 10,000 + songs, and we jammed! Being that it was a holiday the next day, a lot of people showed up expecting to see/hear the band. But Ryan 'cooled their jets' with some showtunes - (ok, I was the only one that sang a showtune..."All That Jazz!"), INXS; Pearl Jam, and TV Tunes! (Ok, 'Rockin' Robin was the only one that sang a TV tune - "Movin' On Up").

Selene, singin' Erica Badu

Lori, who hadn't been there in quite a while sang Journey's "Any Way You Want It", and Irina, another singer from long ago, sang "At Last", and speaking of singers from long ago - Chris Houterman, 'you-da-man', sang "Tunnel of Love", and Ozzy's "Crazy Train"!

Danni Mac, singin' Cream's "White Room"

Bobby belted out "You Can Leave Your Hat On" while 'Showtime Shon', & Rockin' Robin & I all did moves from 'Dancing with the Stars'; John D., who 'was there, but wasn't really there', channeled Foreigner's "Hot Blooded"; Shannon sang Scandal's "Warrior"; and the Reverend Colin belted out a number of sweet tunes - apparently none of which I wrote down...sorry Colin...

"Hello baaaaaabbbyyy!" Marky Mark - "Chantilly Lace"

They had the upstairs open for a b'day party, complete with food, and Sangria! Who knew?!!! Oh wait, that was actually my 2nd song by "Pink"... In any case, Bran-DOHN & I headed up there for a 'bird's eye' view, while Sara & Showtime Shon paired up on Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's song "No Air"; Natalie belted "What You Need"; Max, the birthday guest of honor sang Billy Idol's "Eyes Without a Face"; and two of his guests sang Sonny & Cher's hit, "I Got You Babe". Props to 'Showtime Shon', and Chris H. for the 'extra security' -- at times you'd have thought this Sun. was a full moon, in addition to last Sunday LOL!

The Reverend, 'cuttin' a rug'.

Next week will be another revised version of Crash Course, with Joe 'Chica-chica-chica-relli' on Keyboard & Guitar; Kristee 'Lickety-lickety-Lee' on drums; and Greg Ross, a 'blast from the past' on Bass!

Props to Danny Mac for taking videos - I have included some more still shots:

'Til next Sunday...!

Kristina ;)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Full Moon Karaoke!

Photo Booth pic

It was a full moon on Sunday night'! For one thing, while I seemed to have lost my second set of notes, but I found this whole new feature on my computer called 'Photo Booth', which simulates, well, a Photo Booth! WAY COOL!

So, in order to recap on the blog, I'll have to go w/just the first set of notes, along w/a few of my computer pics; some of my memory; AND, a new feature -- video! Thanks to Danny Mac taking footage on his camera, I was able to edit together ('cause, uh, that's what I do),

a little recap of Sunday night!

CCK Video Recap!

Oh dear... um, that was fun.

Some other highlights of the night; Rockstar started off the night w/"Pinball Wizard"; Showtime Shon sang "Imagine"; Mark sang "Love Me Tender"; Christine sang "Creep";

the Reverend Colin sang "Simple Man"; TonyTonyTony sang "Sunday Bloody Sunday"; Rockin' Robin sang "Criminal"; and Corey Lim sang "Magic Man".

Ok, so, the 'full moon' stuff - why do I have written down 'Davy Monster' - 'Looney Tunes' - did he sing 'a-bed-ia, bed-ia, bed-ia, that's all folks' after his song?! I don't think Porky Pig's closing song is on the list - not even the revised one for February, lol! Then, there was some exchange where it seemed like everyone was ordering Nachos, and Andrea said 'it's Nach-o cheese!' Get it? Yeah, ok, what else? Oh yeah - Showtime Shon pulling a 'Dirty Dancing' move and jumping off the stage sans microphone, to sing...

"OHHHHH! I guess I'll have to put your flat feet on the ground!"

...from "Mustang Sally"! Also, Mark from 'Don't Forget the Lyrics' didn't forget the lyrics, but I think I forgot one of the songs he sang, but I think it was 'Surrender'; Ron K. gave me an awesome back-rub on the fouton during the first break - whew! Then he also sang "Imagine"; Natalia sang "Mr. Brightside"; Bobby channeled Joe Cocker; Bran-DOHN channeled Kanye East!

More Photo Booth pics...


Danny Mac

Your host, Ryan!

The night ended with Joe Mitch singing Katy Perry's song "Hot and Cold", and EVERYONE up on their feet dancin'!

Remember that next Sunday, it will only be Ryan and his 500,000+ songs, with the 'Zac Attack' mixin' the sound! And then the Sunday after that, CCK will resume with their revised list (and band), and Greg Ross will be filling in on Bass. CCK resumes in full in Feb.! Until Sun...

Your 'blogstress',
Kristina ;)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Go Shawty, it's your birthday..."

…Yo yo – Bran-DOHN was in the house, and we were celebratin’ his birthday! He was celebrating – well a lot! Seemed like every time I turned around, someone was handing him a drink onstage! It was fun though!

Rockstar started off with “Pinball Wizard”, and Mark, who was supposed to sing last time, but didn’t because of ‘technical difficulties’, belted out an awesome “Surrender”, & Marky Mark sang a new song “Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues”. Christine sang a little Janice Joplin, which ended up with a ‘wardrobe malfunction’. Sorry guys, no pics of that!

AFTER the 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

Some other highlights; Showtime Shon sang “Ain’t No Sunshine”; and Corey Lim belted out “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, and I tried out a ‘coffee house version’ of “Mr. Brightside” – can I get a latte please?

...w/some Bourbon?

"I'll have what she's having."

Dylan sang “Let Me Go Out…!”; (I know it's not called that for real...) John D. did some Aerosmith w/”Dream On”; the birthday boy Brandon belted out “Heartbreak Hotel”; and Enrique, who hadn’t been to Kenny’s in a long time, sang his staple Hendrix song, and the Reverend Colin sang “Drift Away”. Afterwards we did a little ‘couch dance’ to Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies...”

...while Brandon, uh, did another shot. And someone who’s name I didn’t get belted out “Zombie”. I commented to John D. that was “my” song, and his response – ‘oh, have you sang this before?’ Uh, yeah…

Nexus, who was there to celebrate with Brandon rocked out to “Teen Spirit”; ‘Skywalker’ sang “I Want to Get Away”; and Paul O. sang “Mr. Brightside” – a nice ‘yang’ to my ‘yin’ ‘Mr. Brightside’…lol.

Usually by the third set, my notes get tossed aside – Sun. night was no exception. I was having too much fun hangin’ out w/the gang – the Reverend Colin; Brand-OHN; Showtime Shon; John D.; John A.; Mr. & Mrs. Rockstar...

...and Ted – who finished out the night with “Simple Man.”

Afterwards, Richard did some comedy, then there was Sushi to be had! ‘Til next week folks – feel free to leave some (nice) comments – would love to get the word out there! Thanks!

Kristina ;)