Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello all -- for those of you that read last week's blog, about the 'talking wine spot', and didn't know what the heck I meant by it, below is a link to the 'talking stain' Tide commercial, that shows what it was based on:

Anyway, three words to describe this past Sunday night at Crash Course: OFF THE HOOK! Seriously, if you weren't there, and you know who you are, you missed a really great night! For starters, we all arrived early, 8:00pm, hung out, had some drinks, and chatted while listening to Tom from Milwaukee finish up his set. He was so good, I had thought that I had been listening to a recording!

Then Ryan opened the night with Plush, and Rockstar started things off with "Smooth"; Rockin' Robin ROCKED OUT "Black Horse and Cherry Tree" - 'Woo-hoo'! Tony gave us "Wonderwall"; Christine gave us Janis in "Bobby McGee"; Rebecca sang "Brass in Pocket"; Andrew sang "Glory Days" and Brandon rocked "Hard to Handle". I also rocked out an Ozzy song -- 'All Aboard.... Ha ha ha ha ha....!" SO MUCH FUN belting out my inner rock star! Props to Kristie Lee's awesome harmony -
"I'm going off the rails on a Crazy Train"!

So, the buzz is getting louder about us 'regulars' doing each others songs - it's already started with Bran-DONE doing "Casey Jones", a favorite of Rockstar's. And speaking of which, if I'm reading my notes correctly, it looks like Rockstar was supposed to do "Hard to Handle" and Brandon was gonna do "Casey...", looks like SOMEONE owes someone a beer, or a shot... When I heard "Casey Jones", my thought was 'hmmmm... I wonder if I could do that'. I mean, I already tried a Rockstar favorite, "White Wedding" once (key word, once). I think I might want to try "Casey...". Sean & I were 'Dancin' w/the Stars' to Rockin' Robin's "Call Me", before his stunning rendition of "Shout"! Colin was "Easy" ('like Sunday morning'); and Rockstar

channeled Elvis in "A Little Less Conversation"! Kate brought a wonderful ice cream cake (which I apparently for Alan's b'day. It was indeed 'yum-deli-icious'!! Andy sang "You May Be Right" as his b'day present to him.

It was Jae's b'day as well as she celebrated with a very sultry "Ain't No Sunshine". John D. rocked the house with a couple of duets - "Don't Stop Believin', w/a very good singer from TX, who's name I didn't appear to write down (sorry...), and "Drift Away" with Colin. Christine rocked out a new song, Aerosmith's "Dream On", while Robin, Colin, Mr. & Mrs. D and I got down and 'rocked it out' at the bar! Megan sang "I Will Survive"; Nichole sang "Criminal"; Bob Scoffield channeled Johnny Cash in "Folsom Prison Blues" from his 'platform'; and Leah brought down the house with Avril Lavine's "I'm With You."

And for the night's biggest highlight - wait for it - wait for it -- Mrs. D. singing - no - ROCKING -

'Let's do the TIME WARP again"!

EVERYONE was on their feet, while Bob Scoffield hopped on stage to give us 'directions' on, well, doing the 'Time Warp'!

"It's just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it's the pelvic thrust
that really drives you insane,
Let's do the Time Warp again!"

John D. was so proud! Congrats all around ensued, capping off another awesome night!

A thanks to the guys who took the iPhone pics - keep 'em coming!

Kristina ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

First of all, a big Happy Birthday to Alan! Though, now it's a 'Happy Belated B'day', since it's officially Thursday! Anyway, onto Sunday's 'goings ons'!

A big thanks to CCK for adding "Total Eclipse of the Heart". I had been asking for that song, AND made sure to be the first to perform it - complete with 'non-industrial sized' fan - thanks Zach! And props to Alan for his 'Turnarounds'...

Me: Every now and then I get a litt bit lonely and you're never coming round


Me: Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears


Me: Every now and then I get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by


Me: Every now and then I get a little bit terrified and then I see the look in your eyes...

Wow! I'm certain I heard applause a number of time throughout the song -- oh wait, it's quite possible they could have thought it was um, over... hmmm. Well, nontheless, there WAS applause!!

Before being called up for my turn, Colin, Rockin' Robin & I were hangin' out at the bar, drinkin' -- me, Red Wine; Robin, Jaeger & Coke (a favorite of Selene's); and Colin, some kind of bottled Beer. Ryan announced that the next singer was singing a new song, and sing Colin & I were both singing new songs, we both thought it was our turn to go up on stage. So both of us made a move, like we were going to run up to stage, and wouldn't you know it -- that Red Wine ended up on my (light) pink sweater! Colin was the one who got called to go up - he effortlessly sang "Easy" by the Commodores, while I pointlessly doused my sweater with Club Soda, trying to stifle a 'third party singer' - the wine spot - a la the 'talking Tide stain commercial:

Me: Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming round

Wine spot: (drunken) "Aallaaallllalal...balsfuasslldfls...yallirhhajefrjil...


(slowly turns to his right - looks at me -thinks 'what IS that noise?)

Me: Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears

Wine spot: (drunken) Alllallaal...balsfulaslldflsl...yallirhhajedfjil...

Kristie Lee:
Hey! Whoever that is, no coming up on stage unless you're invited!

Me: ...I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark, we're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks!!!!!!!!


Me: I really need you tonight
Forever's gonna start tonight
Forever's gonna start tonight...

Whew. I needed that shot of Jack Daniels - thanks Ben.

Other highlights included Rockstar singin' "Under the Bridge"; and Christine gave a whopping "Fever"; Rockin' Robin entertained us with "Umbrella"; Ben belted the Romantics' "What I like About You", a first I think for CCK; and Sean belted out "Creep" like nobody's business!

Marky Mark celebrated the spirit of Halloween with "Monster Mash", and Davy, uh, Monster... sang 'Truckin'. Brandon, who owes me a 'karaoke roulette' song sang one of the newer songs, 'Reflections'. Our bet was that he could guess my next song - I gave four, count 'em, FOUR clues as to what it was, and after the second one, HE suggested that if he didn't get it by the fourth try, I could pick out his next song, by closing my eyes, and pointing to a song in the book, hence the name 'karaoke roulette' -- scary! The clue that I had given him was that it was a John D. song, and after the second guess, I gave another clue, that it was 'circa 1980's. He still didn't guess it, (it was Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'") and it was time, with Marky Mark's help, to pick something out for Brandon to sing. Not suprising, he didn't approve of any of the songs we picked- which defeats the purpose of the game!

But we ('the regulars') have been throwing out the idea of 'karaoke roulette' for quite some time, more as just a joke. I mean, I can't really see myself singing AC/DC any more than Brandon can see himself singing Sade. It would be an interesting concept though, especially if there was some sort of incentive! Hmmmm.... But as the band always says, 'it's called Crash Course!

Continuing on, some newer folks joined in on Sunday -- Jae rocked out to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"; Irenka sang "Don't Know Why"; Ricky sang "Dream On"; Andy sang "Jack and Diane"; and Mac sang "One".

And go Natalie, for rockin' out "Pour Some Sugar on Me" - you couldn't help but NOT get upand dance! Everyone was on their feet - John A. and the Rockstar crew; Brandon's crew; we were ALL jamming!

Alright folks, 'til next week -- meanwhile, I think I'll switch to White Wine. Rock on!

Kristina :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"I'm bringin' blogging back..."

Hey folks - I'm finally back 'online' (somewhat), after my unfortunate incident (apt. robbery) two weeks ago. So, I have two Sundays to recap -- let's see if I can read my own handwriting, through my own wine/gin induced haze...:

Sun. Oct. 5th:

Brandon captivated us with a Reggae version of John Lennon's "Imagine"; Rockstar killed w/"White Wedding", as did a new CCK'er Mike; Natalie gave her all to"Heartbreaker"; Marky Mark w/"Oh Boy"; DJ gave us "Something to Talk About"; Corey Lim rocked "Sweet Child of Mine"; Rosario gave us "Sweet Dreams"; Christine sang "Beautiful"; Ricky belted "Welcome to the Jungle"; Colin crooned some Macy Gray; Vincent couldn't get any "Satisfaction"; Kathy sang "Close To You"; and I'm afraid I did the 'ol 'tear-the-pontytail-holder-out-of-the-hair' move, while beling out "In The End".

By the end of the night, or rather, beginning of Monday morning, around 2:00am, EVERYONE was up, dancing and headbanging to Ryan's "Enter Sandman"! Another rockin' night!

Sunday, Oct. 12th:

Sean entranced with "Creep" by Radiohead; Rockin' Robin rocked out with "Criminal"; and Christine asked to "Give Me One Reason". When Mick sang my favorite, "House of the Rising Sun", it seemed to have prompted a mass make-out session at the bar! Seriously, there were like three couples all connected at the lips - what DOES Andrea put in those drinks?!

Corey Lim wowed us with "Don't Stop Believin'"; John D. and I rocked out "Mustang Sally"; and Kathy rocked out a new song "Reflections" - you go girl! ! And Marky Mark did let me come on board and harmonize to "Dream" - thanks man! And Selene belted out "Heartbreaker"; Christine wowed as always w/"I Love Rock & Roll"; and Rockstar, as always, was a rock star!

Our old friend Gilad from the 'Underscore' days rocked "Message in a Bottle", while Lisa belted "I'm The Only One". And speaking of friends from the past, Ron K. made an appearance, and sang "Come Together", AND, gave me an awesome back rub - thanks Ron K., I needed that!

Mandy & Leah channeled Nancy Sinatra in "Boots..."; Dylan rocked "Interstate Love Song" - Corey Lim was so proud -- and Joe sang "Surrender"! Colin & Sean impressed with "Drift Away", while each of them equally impressed with "I Try"; and "Don't You Forget About Me", respectively.

Props to Charles & Liza for showin' up - long time no see! One of these days very soon, Charles and I will do a duet, and the only hint I'll give is that it's never been done at CCK before!! Can't wait!

Kristina ;)

If anyone wants me to include pics, feel free to email them to me -- thanks!