Thursday, September 24, 2009

The 'Black Shirt Club'!

Crash Course had a host-less format on Sunday... The band started off playing two songs 'til things got goin'. Marky Mark & I harmonized to "Dream"; I tried another new one, "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About", despite some, uh, microphone issues, which Zach, uh, stepped in and fixed...

"That's right yo..."

Ron K. sang "Crossroads"; Cindy sweetly sang "I Was Meant for You"; Yvonne rocked out "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"; and Nick sang "She Hates Me".

"She Hates Me!!!"

Ron K. and his "Shasta"

'Following suit' w/Melissa Ethridge, I sang "Come to My Window"; Colin sang "Don't Look Back in Anger"; Billy sang "Comfortably Numb"; Rockin' Robin rocked out "Angel from Montgomery"; and Paula gave us some Macy Gray!

Singin' "Killing Me Softly"

Cainwen from Australia, rockin' out w/the band...
"Take it! Tak another little piece of my heart now baby..."

The Irreverent Reverend; Kristie Lee; Ted

Dancin' the night away...

The Reverend, & Rockin' Robin...

You must sing, in order to gain entry,
into this exclusive club...

Dancin' the night away...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

rockin' night at Kenny's! As always, 'the gang' was happy to see each other.

Ryan started us off with "Low"; then special requested Marky Mark to sing "Oh Boy"
; and I did a song I had only done once before -- "Since U Been Gone" - was way fun! Selene in her new 'Hot Topics' dress (it should have been one of the 'Hot Topics' on The View -- whew!), belted "White Rabbit"; Christina G. sang "Roam"; DanniMac sang "Free Falling"; and Steve wowed us with "Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin'"!

Selene - and her 'baby doll' dress

DanniMac is "Free Fallin'"

Steve and band - rockin' out!

The irreverent Reverend Colin sang "Ain't No Sunshine"; Corey Lim wowed us with "Crazy Train";

...and Dave sang "Sympathy for the Devil",

w/a little scat singin' at the end;

"Ooo, who..."


"Ooo, who..."


"Ooo, who..."


Oscar-rino sang some STP; Dylan sang (I Ain't Got No) "Santeria"; Dan, from way back when, rocked out on "Fly Away";

...and I sang a new CCK song, "I Wanna Come Over", which the band ROCKED to, by the way... to Colin's "THATS ALRIGHT!!" Thanks Colin!

"That's alright!!"

Ryan opened the next set, singin' 'bout (can't find a) "Better Man"; Colin sang "I Try"; Selene "Hate(s) Myself for Lovin' You"; Christina G. encouraged us to "Don't Stop Believin'"; DanniMac gave us "Vertigo" (but in a good way); Frank couldn't get no "Satisfaction"; and Oscar-ino gave us "Voodoo Child", while Alan played guitar with his teeth!

Divesh, Divya, and Archna rocked out from the crowd...while Steve sang...

"...Zombie, Zombie, Zombie, hey, hey, hey..."

Tune in next week, for some more fun at Kenny's!!

Pick a song...any song...

"What are you gonna sing?"
"I don't know, what are you gonna sing?"


"Pssst...I got the dress at 'Hot Topics',
but don't tell anyone."

"Are we uh, walkin' like an Egyptian?"


"I worked on my tan"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Threesome at CCK...

...the threesome being Joe Mitch on Bass; Kristie Lee on Drums; and Joe Chica-chica-chica-relli on Guitar and Keyboard, while Randy-Andy and Alan were in India, playing with their band Solar Punch; Ryan was back, announcing everyone in only the way Ryan can - it was great!
I arrived (gasp!) late, but Crash Course was already in full swing! Didn't catch the guy who channeled Bono's "One", when I arrived, but it rocked!

Songs I missed were John D.'s "Man in a Box"; and Selene's "White Rabbit".

Ron K. sang "Melissa";

Rockin' Robin rocked out "Dream On";

Yvonne belted out "Proud Mary";

Mrs. D. belted out "You're No Good";

followed by Alyssa's "You Know That I'm No Good".

'Trish-the-Dish' rocked out "You Outta Know",

and John D. channeled Reverend Colin with "That's alright!!".

'Trish-the-Dish' crew...

Ryan went off the list and sang "Basket Case"; and speaking of going 'off the list', I sang "I Wanna Come Over" by Melissa Ethridge -- thanks to the threesome for learning that one - it was awesome!

Then Christina-Jean followed with "Just A Girl";

Paula sang "Fire"; Val sang "Signed, Sealed, Delivered".

The 'Christina Jean' crew

Nick, (who's not from the UK) sang "Wonderwall"; John D. rocked out Nirvana;

...while the crowd rocked out along...

Melissa sang "Mr. Brightside"; and someone else who's name I didn't catch, sang the Oasis song that I like so much, "Don't Look Back in Anger." So, Sally can wait...

The 'Flash Forward' crew

The Tattoo Crew


'Til Sunday folks...your blogstress...


AARON (during a Who song)
"The What?"

(on two separate occasions)

"What's that band?"

RR & I
"The Who!"

"The What?"

Ok, ok, you got us... ;)