Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Music and Mayhem"

The night started off w/a 'mostly family' audience...

I sang "You're No Good"; Marky Mark sang "Hound Dog"; Rockin' Robin sang "What Is & What Should Never Be"; John D. sang "Viva la Vida".

Kristina G. sang "Just A Girl"; Colin sang "Easy"; Ron K. sang "Melissa"; Brandon song "You Really Got a Hold on Me"; and Oscar-ino sang "Glory Days".Then some new folks came in, and the place GOT WILD!!!

Alex M. sang "Imagine"; Shannon sang "La Bamba"; Tyler sang "Santeria"; and then folks, the note-taking temporarily stopped there, as that's when the 'mayhem' started, and again --

Things. Got. Wild.

The place was packed!! Drinks were dropped!! The list was filling up -- the bar was getting packed -- AND -- people were showing up BECAUSE OF THE BLOG!! :)

Rockin' Robin and Bran-DOHN were singin' "Empire State of Mind"; Electric Jazzy Janet sang some No Doubt; Myron showed up and sang "Better Man"; Christine Kern arrived and rocked out "Fever";

Chelsea rocked out "You Outta Know"; and Davey Monster sang "Sweet Caroline".

And then...it was time

"It's time, yo..."




Some of us regulars drew each other's 'regular' songs out of a 'hat', ok, beer glass, and proceeded w/singing the other person's song, that they would 'normally' sing...

I sang "I Hate Myself for Lovin' You", which is normally Rockin' Robin's song; Rockin' Robin sang "Man in Box", which is John D.'s song; Brandon sang "Summertime Blues", which is Marky Mark's song; Oscar sang "Heartbreak Hotel",

which is Brandon's song; and Marky Mark sang "I'm the Only One", which is usually my song! Everyone did a fabulous job!

"That's alright!"

Sing out sisters!

Hey now...!



"When are you going up to sing?"

"After my next Patron."

Editor's Note:
"Stacks on deck, Patron on ice...
You can have whatever you like..."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow; Songs; and Santa!

"HO...HO...H..." Oh, wait a minute...
Santa's um, helpers...

Kenny's was rockin' indeed, and we were glad to have had all the snow shoveled, making a path right to the stage!

Kathy sang a sultry Carol King; Brandon sang "Ticket to Ride";'Trooper Ted' sang CCR's "Proud Mary".

Showtime Shon sang Alicia Keys; I sang "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon prompting Ryan's comment that it was starting to look like 'cross-gender karaoke'...

John D. rocked with "Enter Sandman", prompting Alan taking the Kristie Lee 'role' of '...Now I lay me down to sleep...', which was quite 'hi-larious'!

Natalie sang "Love is a Battlefield"; Rockin' Robin sang "Angel from Montgomery", and Bobby Rappaport wowed the crows with "Alright".

Dancin', the night away!

Colin, all the way in from CT, crooned "Summertime";

Kelly sang "Man, I Feel Like a Woman";

Scotty 'Schizoid' sang "Barracuda";

and Santa took the stage with Marky Mark!

What up yo?!


Aaron, visiting from London wowed with "The Gambler";

Frank got up and sang "Smells Like Teen Spirit";

'Agent J' sang "New York, New York";
and Mike M. sang "Feel Like Makin' Love', which Ryan, as he always does, took it upon himself to 'dedicate' the song to someone at Kenny's - this time being no exception, and singled out Marie, the bartender...

John D. sang "Mustang Sally", and invited Showtime Shon & I to sing back-up... And, I got sing from Alan's microphone! I don't think I've ever been on that side of
the stage before!

"Ride, Sally ride!"

Alan rocks on!

John D. givin' the 'thumbs up'!

Singin 'Creep'...w/Joe Mitch on the 'skins'...

...while cheered on by Colin...
"That's alright!"

Ok, what is so funny...?

Friday, December 18, 2009

"Don't Go Breakin' My Heart'

Colin was Elton John, and I was Kiki Dee, as CCK first played "Don't Go Breakin...", for the first time.

It was only one of the, uh, 'different' things that went on last Sunday at Kenny's... Other included:

-Alan 'splicing particles', and not being able to join - which also meant the 'CCK lite list'...

-Me singing back-up to Bobby Rappaport's 'Proud Mary'

-Everyone opening up their umbrellas during my song, "Umbrella", prompting 7+ years of bad luck!

-Me not taking any notes after the first set

-12:15 Brandon showing up, only to find Bobby Rappaport; Davey Monster; & Aaron & I - even Zach was MIA...

-Selene showing up shortly after that

-No Andrea; no Maria (bartenders)

And here's a 'CCK lite blog' of what else you missed if you weren't at Kenny's last week, or even if you were:

"I'm the Only One..."

Ted commenting "Bellvue at Kenny's"!

Michael, singin' "Surrender"

Rockin' out to "Surrender"

The Blogstress singin' "Summertime"

Marky Mark singing Summertime Blues"

Corey Lim singin' "Fever"

Dylan sang "Brown-Eyed Girl"...

and was promptly 'reprimanded' by the 'Committee'

for, uh, 'un-karaoke-like' behavior...

People dancin'...

Aaron & I hangin'...

Colin singin'..."Dock of the Bay"

Chris, celebratin' his B'day

Ryan being 'da man'..."

Oscar-ino singin' Hendrix

Corey Lim & Dylan wish everyone Happy Holidays!!