Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friday night at Kenny's!

Friday night - no way to explain it - you had to be there - there to see it - experience it.


Where do I begin? Do I start with Rockin' Robin rockin' out the Go-Gos? Colin and I singing a rousing rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart"? Or, the guy who sat on the stage and sang the Marilyn Manson version of "Sweet Dreams"? Hard to say - there was so much goin' on that night, including Joe Mitch on the drums! The joint was jumpin'!!

Bran-DOHN was our fearless host - as Ryan was still -- somewhere - the D.R. maybe? Hmmmm.

Anyway, Brandon's friend Gary had EVERYONE up and dancing to "Mustang Sally"! Susie-Q sang some Amy Winehouse, while her good friend had everyone "Dancing in the Streets"! Reggie got up and sang; Randy-Andy belted out a tune, and Brandon had everyone "Jump in the Line"! Seriously, words alone cannot capture the event, that was, Friday night - Crash Course at Kenny's:

Check back for more CCK bloggin', from Sunday. Two shows in one weekend woo hoo!

Kristina ;)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Hey everyone - thanks a bunch for making CCK/my b'day so much fun! Props to Rockin' Robin for setting out such a nice 'spread' of balloons and chocolate candy kisses - yum! And also to Corey Lim; Donna & Reggie; and John and Mrs. D. for their thoughtfulness. And to the band for four, count 'em, FOUR verses of "Happy Birthday!" And, I loved reading everyone's well wishes on my card, thanks! In all of the excitement, I didn't take any notes, so am relying on my memory - this, after a full dinner and drinks beforehand, and then more drinks during the evening!

'Bran-DOHN' was guest-hosting - I'm not quite sure where Ryan was, all I heard over the music was "Ryan is 'something something, something something something...' "Dominican Republic" - so, I guess we'll stay tuned for more info. on that! Anyway, there was a band that played before Crash Course went on, and some of the band members and their fans stayed thru the first set. I think some of 'em did get up and sing, but like I said, food, wine, party -- didn't get names/songs. But, what I did almost get was a, um, dance... from, uh, a very, uh, leggy blonde. Simmer down guys, it didn't quite happen like that - Brandon announced her, she got on stage, did a little dance, and then guess who's turn it was?! The only way to follow that act was to try to top it!! JUST KIDDING!

Instead, I belted out one of my faves by Linkin Park!

Moving on, Rockin' Robin belted a rousing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", & Corey Lim sang "Sweet Child of Mine"!

Christine gave us another "Fever"; Donna sang "Rehab" - Reggie was so proud, and he rocked out too! Though no notes, so don't remember his song... Oops, and the same with Rockstar - I'm sure it was something by Grateful Dead though! John D. sang "Dream On", w/some help w/Rockin' Robin; Marky Mark sang "Oh Boy"; Natalie sang Zombie; while Brandon had everybody "Jump In The Line"! John D. gave a nice compliment, with " sure is nice to celebrate your birthday with you -- for a change." Uh, thanks - considering I didn't know you during my last b'day - ha ha, it was quite funny! Anyway, thanks for the 'present' of us getting to sing "Play That Funky Music..."! It was way cool!

And now, for THE big moment of the night - after a wonderful rendition of "Chasing Cars" by someone who's name I neglected to write down, Ted got down on one knee, said some wonderful things to Kristie Lee, and proposed! CCK's first proposal! Congrats to both! I'm sure we'll all volunteer to sing at the ceremony, though I will refrain from 'Sabotage' - unless specifically requested, lol...

In other news - CCK has added a show for this Friday evening, Nov. 28th, 8:00pm - 1:00am, with Bran-DOHN hosting! So, finish up those Yams, wrap up the Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce, and digest that Turkey, 'cause we're gonna rock it out! And, Joe Mitch will be filling in on the drums - rock on! Crash Course Karoke - twice in one weekend! Woo hoo! See you then!

Kristina ;)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Late late late...night.

Did I mention it was a late...night? Oh my, so late, so very very tired, so very very tired... Where do I start? First, w/another cup of coffee, wait, that's not working - can I get a double shot of espresso? With a side of Advil? It feels like something (or someone) is pounding inside of my head - or, I'm hearing things...wait, I'm hearing something,

"Listen all y'all it's a sabotage..."

a's getting louder...

"Listen all y'all it's a sabotage...!"

and louder...

"Listen all y'all it's a sabotage...!!"

and now it's screaming:


Oh wait, that was me - Sun. night!! ROCK-'IN OUT!!!! Oh dear, shhhhh, that hurt... Ok, for the next few sentences, we'll be speaking in whispers, ok?

First of all, props to Ron K. and the "Standalones" - they were awesome! I highly recommend seeing them at their next gig, which will hopefully be soon!

The night started off with Rockstar singin' the Grateful Dead; and continued w/Brand-ON/'Captain America' singing "Reflections"; Rockin' Robin singin' one of my favorites, "Killing Me Softly"; Kristine singing "Fever"; Corey Lim belting Melissa Ethridge; Marky Mark singing "Oh Boy"; then he and his lovely wife, 'sweet sweet Cindy' sang "Dream", duet style! And Ron K. 'took' us '...To the River' - "nah na na nah...nah na na na nah".

Ryan had announced that he had a 'Kristen'; a 'Christine'; and a 'Kristina' (moi) - what are the odds? Kristen belted "Black Velvet" and a stunning rendition of "Heartbreaker"; Christine did a personal fave of mine, "White Rabbit"; and I rocked out with a little Linkin Park, "In The End", which, ok, REALLY made me feel like a rock star! (Not to be corn-fused w/Rockstar Richard...). Anyway, Michelle gave us some Carol King; Joe belted Maroon 5; Mary gave us Carol King - wait, did I get that right? Did both Carol and Mary do Carol King? I really have to be able to read my own handwriting. I do know that they were awesome!

Anyway, Davy Monster ventured into Ozzy-land - ("Shar-ON"!) Brand-ON gave Davy Monster props, ("Yay Davy Monster!") at least I think it was Brandon -- with his voice a 'crack-a-lackin' like that, it sounded like someone had let a teenage boy in the house! Hey, I thought they carded at the door! Where's Harris-ON!!!!?

'Showtime Sean' sang "You Are So Beautiful"; Irenka stunned us with George Michael's "Faith"; Rockin' Robin sang "Just Like a Pill"; Rockstar sang a fave of mine, 'A Little Less Conversation'; Brandon sang a rollicking version of "My Way"; and Joe rocked out "Hotel California"!

After the break, Ryan made the announcement that there will be an addition to the Crash Course family - congrats to 'the sexiest drummer in the world' Kristie Lee, & Ted on their engagement! Ryan and Kristie Lee celebrated, by singing their duet - U2's "One".

Just wanted to extend an invitation to all of you to be sure to come out and join next week, as I'll be celebratin' my b'day, which is actually Saturday, but would love to hang w/'all y'all' on Sunday to celebrate! 'Til then...

Your 'blogstress'...
(in Ryan's announcer voice)

'Kris-ti-na La-tour!' ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ron K. does Kenny's...

Hey everyone - our very own Ron K. is doing a gig at Kenny's on Sunday night before CCK, and he's asked me to pass along the info.!

So, if anyone would like to show up early, (or in some cases, earlier than usual)...grab some grub, have some drinks, and hang out, come on out and get an early start!  

Kristina ;)

Monday, November 3, 2008

This past Sun., I got to CCK later than my 'usual' time, and was welcomed in the most delightful
"Bout time you f..kin' got here!
You're the lastone [out of the 'regulars'] to
arrive. Better not be the first one to leave..."

Like THAT'S ever happened before... But, I did enjoy being greeted by the 'welcoming committe', w/Richard, Colin and Bran-DONE! Thanks guys! Marky Mark held the door open for me as I wheeled in my luggage, and Selene says jokingly,

"You're like the Postman..."
"Really? I'm carrying clothes in my bags, not CCK fan mail" (lol)

Quoting part of the Postal Slogan:

"Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail..."
And she's right -- in fact, I have a confession to make -- I, am a 'karaoke-holic'.

"There is, a house, in New Orleans..."

Oh wait, huh? What? I'm not at karaoke, and I'm breaking into song... Yes, I'm a 'karaoke-holic', and the first meeting will take place NEXT SUNDAY because (gasp!!) CCK is NOT PLAYING NEXT WEEK!!! How can this happen? CCK plays EVERY week! Ok, breath, in with anger, out with love. It just came as shock, announced right before the band's first break:

(in announcer's voice w/CCK playing Pearl Jam in the background)
"Ladies and Gentlemen! Crash Course Karaoke is here EVERY Sunday night...!



(sound of 'record scratch')

" Sunday!
But, we will be back in two weeks from tonight,
so find a song, buy a drink, we ain't goin' nowhere folks!"

Uh, what?
"Can't find a better man..."

KRISTIE LEE (harmonizing)
"Can't find a better man..."


"Are they serious?"

"Waaaaiit a minute..."

JOHN D. (incredulously)"Huh?!"
(drinks a shot)

"Woa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh...oh oh oh oh oh..."

(coughing, gasping for air)
"Are they serious?!
What am I, I mean, what are WE going to DO next Sunday night?"

The reason for this 'anomaly' is that Kenny's is hosting a music festival, that will also take place on Sunday night, so I -- uh, I mean WE, will have to wait two more weeks for our CCK 'fix...' In the meantime, I guess there are things that I could be doing on a Sun. night -- like watching "Desperate Housewives", not that I ever have before; washing my hair; editing my videos; exercising (ha ha ha ha!); catching up with friends on the phone, although they may think they're talking to an inposter since they haven't spoken to me on a Sunday night in over three years!

Anyway, another rockin' night at Kenny's --with 'Showtime Sean' singin' "Mustang Sally", and "Shout", where EVERYONE rocked with him on that!

Kate & Anne sang "American Girl" and
"Bobby McGee";

props to Ben, who swooned in "Sweet Caroline";

Rockstar Richard dedicated "A Little Less Conversation" to John A.;

Corey Lim rocked out "Magic Man"; Will sang "Folsom Prison Blues"; Marky Mark channeled Elvis in "Hound Dog"; Rockin' Robin sang "Before He Cheats" while Ben & I took the liberty of acting out to...

"...I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up
4 wheel drive,
carved my name into his leather seats
I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...
Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats."

...a follow-up to my "You Outta Know", lol!! Speaking of which, it was quite funny, when, ok, nature was calling, and it was at that same time that Ryan announced "For the first time tonight, we're bringin' up 'Kris-tina La-tour'"! The crowd goes wild, well, pretty wild anyway... I'm thinkin', what?, ok, uh, be out in a minute... Talk about an entrance...

Later in the night, Christine 'killed' in her newest song addition, "White Rabbit"; Selene belted out "Total Eclipse of the Heart", Danny Mac sang "500 Miles"; Isaac W. sang some Tom Petty; Kathy channeled Carol King; Natalia ROCKED out "Heartbreaker" - props to Joe 'Chica-chica-chica-relli' for his AWESOME lead guitar! Colin sang "Simple Man"; Bran-DONE gave us "Reflections".

And THEN -- John D. and Corey Lim belted out a duet in "Sweet Child of Mine" - had the WHOLE HOUSE up on their feet -- including Sean & I who again, were 'Dancin' with the Stars'!

Ryan closed down the second set with "My Own Worst Enemy", and referred to the 'incident' after that (someone getting sick) as it looking like they were being THEIR own worst enemy. John A. commented "What is this, Saturday night?!" After that, it was time head out, luggage and all. Tune in next week, where I'll be holding the first-ever 'karaoke-holics' meeting (location TBD - contact my 'booking agent', Brandon for details...dougnuts and coffee will be served.

Kristina ;)

P.S. Keep an eye out for details on a possible 'karaoke lottery/roulette' in December!