Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'The gals' (w/John D. 'smiling on' in the mirror)

'The guys', (and gal)

For the first time in the blog's history, the Blogstress has chosen TWO pics for the 'front cover' - I just liked both of these so much, I couldn't decide which ones to use. Ok, and I uh, sort of promised all parties involved that THEY would be on the front cover... but do like 'em both!

Anyway, the night progressed as the band went back to their roots, and played in a 'host-less' format, as Ryan 'got the call from the coast'... Selene sang 'Son of a Preacher'; Davey Monster sang some Hendrix; Mike, making an appearance from Baby Grand sang 'Flake';

Edgar - need I say again, Joe Chicarelli's doppelganger...

...sang 'Time of Your Life', by Green Day; Ruth sang 'Man on the Moon'; and Richard sang "Free Falling."

John D. rocked the house with "Roxanne";

and Corey Lim gave us some sultry 'Magic Man'.

When Alan announced me for my turn to sing, he said:



"Kristina, come up & tell us about yourself."

I felt like saying...

"Well, I'm originally from Va. & moved to NYC in the 90's; I enjoy singing, dining out, and long walks on the beach."

But instead, I sang
"But I'm the only one, who'll walk across the fire for you..."

Chris Q. CHANNELED Macy Gray:
"I try to say good-bye but I choke..."

Dylan sang 'Brown-Eyed Girl'...

"Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da"

Rockin' Robin rocked out some Pink...

...and Selene rocked out 'Bobby McGhee!'

Rae, also fresh from Baby Grand, gave us some Amy Winehouse...

It must have been a Melissa Ethridge theme because Elise sang "Like the Way I Do", to a very excited crowd...

...'Mr. Franko' sang "Sweet Home Alabama"; Yvonne sang 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T"; DanniMac, in honor of singing "Woodstock" on the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, received a lovely 'parting gift' from Alan and the band:

"Peace out!"

Bob Scoffield -
"Aaahoo, werewolves of London..."

...Enjoying some karaoke...

Moi, and the 'Blond-tourage'

So many songs, so little time...

'Everybody, uh, smile...?'

Hey, what-cha lookin' at?

Christina & Selene do an interpretive dance to
"Total Eclipse of the Heart';
'Turn around...'

The Lovebirds...

Billy is 'Comfortably Numb'.

At the very end of the night, after the very last song - the band ended w/an AWESOME jam - the kind one could have sat and listened to for the rest of the (already late) night. It ended w/those us left yelling, 'Encore! Encore!' Ok, that was me...
Thanks to Joe Mitch for filling in on the drums, and thanks to the band for another fun, awesome night of karaoke!!

'Til next Sunday...

...oh, and feel free to leave a (nice) comment!

The Blogstress ;)


"Sometimes I like to wear feathers." (Huh?)
-The Irreverent Reverend, Colin

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jersey in the house!

That's right - Jersey was representin' from Kristie Lee's side of the fam... after Ryan opened with "Low",

Joanne, Kristie Lee's sis-in-law started off the night with some "Love Shack" (baby); Davy Monster rocked out "Purple Haze";

Marky Mark sang "Summertime Blues";

and, I tried another new one - "Umbrella" ('ella-ella-ey-ey-ey")...

Like my 'Umb-r-ella' ?

Ron K., 'the Dir-ec-TOR', sang "Sultans of Swing"; DanniMac celebrated Woodstock's 40th anniversary, by singing Crosby, Stills and Nash's "Woodstock";

Corey Lim rocked out "S.O.S."; Marky Mark 'flew us to the moon', w/some Sinatra; and Dylan sang "American Girl."

Ryan opened the 2nd set w/Cold Play's 'unofficially added song', 'Viva la Vida'.

Molly wowed w/"Time After Time";
The 'Irreverend Reverend' sang "Drift Away"; Dave sang "Smooth"; Mo rocked out "Groove is in the Heart"!

And Alan didn't even have to break out the 'whistle thing', as Mo whistled all on his own!

Pamela sang "Stay"; Ron K. sang "Fire";

Oscar sang "Simple Man"; and Joanne rocked out "We Are Family". Steve wowed with "Creep".

DanniMac sang "Margaritaville"; Corey Lim ROCKED out "Barracuda";

Dylan ROCKED out "White Wedding";

Bill gave us "Roadhouse Blues"; Brooke sang "Heartbreaker"; Sheri sang "Imagine";

and Samantha sang "Hate Myself for Lovin' You."

So, here is an un-embeded link to DanniMac's videos - I know there's a way to embed all the vids at once, but I can't remember it now, and it's 1:30am and time for bed, so, will have to figure it out next time - enjoy! :)

The Blogstress ;)

Quotes Corner:

"How's the wife and kids?"
-Dylan to Colin (Colin giving 'the look' to Dylan)

"Weren't you in the Carribean or something?"
-Ryan to Kristina
Kristina: "Uh, it was South Carolina."

Random fun/funny stuff:

-Colin calling Andrea 'Colleen', the female version of Colin

-Marky Mark getting a lesson in 'texting' from DanniMac

-ROCKIN' IT OUT w/Randy Andy "I.Candy"!

"In The End"

The Crowd!

Gary, the actor!

Swappin' shoes!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Ya'll come back now...!"

Hello yal'll -- I was in the South (Carolina that is), sippin' tea; and just generally being Southern for a few days...

Thanks and 'shout outs' to Selene, DanniMac, and Natalia, for taking notes and videos in my absence!

DanniMac's videos: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=dcmacinnes&view=videos

According to my 'blog-ettes', Set 1 Ryan opened with STP-'Plush',
1st timer Ruth sang 'Time After Time',

Marky Mark sang 'Oh Boy',

Davy Monster sang 'Little Wing', Bob Scofield sang 'Folsom Prison Blues', and CCK 'newbie' Joanna rocked 'SOS'

DanniMac sang 'You May be Right', Terri sang 'Will you still love me tomorrow', Ron K. sang 'The Weight', CCK 'newbie Susan sang 'You really got a hold on me'; Natalia belted 'Barracuda'; another 'newbie' Samantha sang 'Me & Bobby Mcgee'; 'Blog-ette' Selene sang 'Black Horse and a Cherry Tree'; Patrick sang Wonderwall; and Bobby Rapapport sang 'All along the Watchtower'. CCK 'newbie' Dana sang an awesome 'Hit me with your best shot'; and the Rev. Colin was, I mean, sang, 'Easy' (lol);

Davy Monster sang 'Sweet Caroline'; and Ryan ended the set with 'Better Man'.

In Set 2, Ryan sang the Coldplay song that hasn't officially been added to the list yet; ("Viva la Vida")

Marky Mark sang 'Love me tender'; DanniMac sang 'Mr. Brightside', assisted by Ryan; The Rev. Colin performed the Rev. Al Green, 'Let's Stay Together', Ron K. sang 'Come Together',

CCK 'newbie' Allison sang 'Hotel California'; John D. was wild and sang 'Born to be Wild';

Selene-'At Last'-Etta James;

Natalia sang 'Summertime';

Rockin'Robin rocked out Magic Man;

Bobby Rapapport 'Saw her standing there; CCK 'newbie' Jen sang 'I love Rock-n-Roll'; and Tom sang the Who's, 'Behind Blue Eyes'.

In Set 3; Ryan sang one of my favorites, 'In the End', and, Italy was in the house! Giulio Collavoli,

who brought several of his Italian friends, sang 'Come Together', Tom and Jimmy - vacationing fire fighters from FL, dueted on 'Santeria' - Tom, who was celebrating his b'day, got a b'day song from the CCK band and gang, before and after singin' his song! Colin sang 'Simple Man', DanniMac sang 'Smooth', Selene, singin' her 51st song, sang 'You're So Vain', Giulio sang 'Satisfaction', and Ryan sang 'Enter Sandman'.

'Til next week...ya'll come back now, ya hear?!

Krisitna :)