Monday, May 24, 2010

"LOST"...and 'found'...yo...sort of...

My fellow 'Losties', Selene & DanniMac and I joined up w/CCK for a bit after watching the final episode of LOST - of which I still AM a bit, but that's ok...

It was a bit of a different night at Kenny's, as Brandon was the host for the evening...

and Joe Mitch took Alan's spot on lead guitar, where he'll be again this Sunday...

Peter, an original CCK'er, and his crew were there -

they seemed to be having a great time as per usual!

I had heard that John D., Corey Lim & Dylan were there, but alas, not when us 'Losties' arrived! Perhaps they were carted off to a 'sideways life' and are doing karaoke somewhere in an alternate world -- ok, another LOST reference...

Some more of the regulars were there; Marky Mark; the Ladies; Davey Monster, & Oleg who's starting to become a regular...
and I got to get in one song by Cracker...

"Hey, hey, hey it's like being stoned..."

"I Got You Babe"


More of Peter's crew...
'Til Sunday yo...

Friday, May 21, 2010

"You say it's your birthday!"

'Class picture'

It was Marky Mark's birthday, and he and sweet Cindy were out celebratin', along w/the gang!

Kenny's is still 'classin up the place'...

while we continue w/the singing portion of the evening.

Rockin' Robin rocked out "One of Us";

Dylan gave us a little "Honky Tonk Woman";

Corey Lim sang "S.O.S." for sweet Cindy;

Your blogstress & Joe Mitch sang
"You Are the Sunshine of My Life"!

'Today is gonna the day that they're gonna throw it back to you'

The Reverend

Andrea & John D., cavorting...

John D. cavorting w/Selene & Rockin' Robin...

John D. sings...

"...she don't like, she don't lie..."

The first clarinet solo in CCK history!

Bryan's "Welcome to the Jungle"!

Joe Mitch 'plays that funky music...'

A fresh glass of wine, after the previous one was spilled on me -- good thing I was wearing purple!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome Back, DanniMac!

That's right - Danni Mac was back for the night! Alan's High School friends were also in town, as was Selene's friend Parker from TN! Joe Mitch was on the skins, and, we had to make due w/out Ryan and proceed w/a host-less karaoke. We hope he feels better yo!

Anyway, been a busy week, so not much commentary this time, but please enjoy the photos, and we'll see you Sunday!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A night for harmonizin'

First of all, it looks like Kenny's is tryin' to uh, 'class up the joint'...

then I tried 'classin it up' with some vino, yo...

Anyway - there was some crazy harmonizing goin' on. John D. & I sang/harmonized to "Lay Down Sally", and first ever for Crash Course!

Maria & I also sang/harmonized to "Sweet Dreams";

was able to get a still from Oleg's video, thanks! And speaking of 'Sweet Dreams', Marky Mark & I sang/harmonized to "All I Have to do is Dream"! I'm seeing a correlation here - 'lay down', 'sleep','dream'...hmmm..zzzzz...

Rockin' Robin sang a sultry "Angel From Montgomery";

John D. rocked out "Low"; Selene wowed with "Creep"; the Reverend Colin was very 'reverendly' in his "Wonderwall".

John D. being funny...

...your blogstress trying to imitate him.

A bare-footed John sang "Don't You Forget About Me";

Lauren rocked out "White Rabbit";

David channeled Creedence's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain"; Bran-DOHN sang Sam Cooke's "What a Wonderful World"

and Maria crooned "Can't Find My Way Home"

Other musical highlights include Rockin' Robin's Led Zepplin; Selene's 'Thank you' by Dido, and Joe 'Miggity' Mitch singin' "We Will Rock You", while Ryan played the drums for his lady, and her family!

More fun from the Kenny's gang!

More rockin' out at Crash Course!

See you Sunday!!