Friday, March 27, 2009

"The Spaniards have left the building..."

Sunday night - the usual 'cast of characters' graced Kenny's. Bran-DOHN was your host again this week, claiming Ryan was tucked away in a 'secret location'...hmmm.

Robin sang some GoGo's, "We Got The Beat"; Marky Mark gave us "Fever"; Colin sang "Easy...(Like Sunday Morning)". Kathy, with her charming 'indoor voice', lets loose on stage with Lisa Loeb's "Stay"; Davey Monster belted out "Enter Sandman"; Eric sang "The Gambler"; and Corey Lim gave us the sweet sounds of "Total Eclipse of the Heart", and Dylan sang "Mrs. Jones."

There was indeed a group of folks from Spain! They watched as Selene rocked out "Welcome to the Jungle", an ode to her 'wild 'n crazy night', the night before, maybe??

Roger sang "White Wedding"; Mr. & Mrs. Rockstar sang "Black Water";

...and speaking of Mrs. Rockstar, she rocked out "Crazy Train"

Brooke sang "Don't Stop Belevin';

and her friend who's name it doesn't seem like I wrote down, sang a little Carly Simon, "You're So Vain", dedicating that to uh, ok, no one in particular...

John D. made an appearance after his hockey game. When he arrived, he was greeted as if he had just crossed the finish line at least, I THINK it was John D., I couldn't quite see thru his water that ended up in my eyes...I thought perhaps he might be auditioning for a role as a 'spit-take artist'... Inevitably, someone would say something funny just as John D. was drinking John D.'s water, and there you have it...right in the cornea...

Feelin' the love w/a group hug.

Anyway, he was in good spirits (get it? 'Spirits'?) - I'll let you groan over that one for a minute... so, he was in, uh, a good mood as he and Colin agreed to do a duet. But I guess either Mother Nature was calling Colin, or, he just wanted to make his grand entrance -- from the Men's room -- as he joined John D. on stage for the second verse of "Drift Away".

Corey Lim backed me up some nice harmony for my "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (holla!)

DanniMac did a great job of singing "Take It Easy". And props to him for taking some great pics, and for filming! (SEE THE VIDEO BELOW). The camera that I have apparently 'eats' up the batteries in only a short amount of time, and haven't gotten a charger yet, and didn't want to buy yet another set of batteries again! This, by the way, is my response to Brandon's statement:

"Tell her to take her a** to CVS, which is right across the street!"

And you didn't think I heard that, did you now? The Blogstress hears (and sees) all. See you Sunday...

Kristina ;)

Quotes Corner:

"I'm gay enough!"
- Reverend Colin, telling that to Marie that in order to drink his tea, (Tea? Colin?), he should drink it while holding his pinky out.

"Cranberry Juice"
-Randy Andy's response (Cranberry Juice Andy?) to my question, "What are you drinking tonight?"

"Oooh, put THAT in the blog!"
- CCK'ers

"Ohhh, DON'T put that in the blog..."
- CCK'ers

"We want Ryan!"
-Colin, to Brandon, after his song the end of the second set.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"The Usual Suspects"

Hey Folks - that's right! It was mostly 'the Usual Suspects' that made up the bulk of karaoke on Sunday! 'Captain America'/'Kanye East'/'America's Son'/'Bran-DOHN' hosted, and started us off with some Elvis! Then Rockstar sang with "Comfortably Numb"; Marky Mark sang "Yesterday"; Christine sang "Bobby McGee"; John D. rocked out "Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Mrs. D. followed, and sang "One Of Us"; Showtime Shon gave us some Al Green; and Natalie rocked out "Jolene"; and I enjoyed rockin' out to "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree", WOO HOO!

Antonio, the Professor, sang "Vertigo" by U2; Pamela gave us "Time After Time"; Kathy and Angela did a duet to "Betty Davis Eyes"; Brian sang "Mr. Brightside"; Helen and Kathy sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart"; 'Bip' and 'Bop' sang a mean Journey, Pierre rocked with Stone Temple Pilots; and a guy who's name I didn't get belted out "99 Red Balloons", a fave of mine!

Brian - "Mr. Brightside"

'Bip' and, uh, 'Bop'

Here are some quotes that were made Sun. night that I felt were, well, 'blogworthy'...

"It tastes like feet!"

- John D. & Andrea discussing some kind of drink -- as told by Mrs. D.

"...It's very 'skank' Kristina..."


"NO! Not YOU!


I meant 'Hotel California'! It's a very 'skanky' place to be! I would NEVER say that about you!"

"That's goin' in the the blog, right?!"

- Ron K. to me; then Selene, before Ron K. sang "Hotel California".


"...she'll write about what you did when you were drunk!"

-'Bran-DOHN', introducing me as the 'blogstress.'


"I'm exhausted!"


"Because, I've been running around -- since November!"

-Randy Andy


Favorite past quotes:

"It's so nice to celebrate your birthday with you for a change!"
-John D., to me... (11/08)

"I don't want to drink tonight, I'll just have red wine."
-Randy Andy (10/08)

Ok, that's it for now folks. See ya Sunday!

Kristina ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Duets Galore!"

It was a night of duets!

Corey Lim and Christine; Brandon and Marky Mark; Marky Mark & I; Christine and Brandon; Colin and John D.; Ryan & I; and Christine and Walker started out the night doing a few tunes on the acoustic before karaoke got started!

Ryan opened up the set, then Rockstar sang "Wish You Were Here"; Colin crooned "Let's Stay Together"; Rockin' Robin sang "Behind Blue Eyes"; and the girl from Ireland who's name I didn't catch belted out "Black Velvet".

Girl from Ireland...

Marky Mark invited me to sing harmony to "Dream";

Ben sang "Man in the Moon"; Maya entralled with "Natural Woman"; Bobby sang "The Harder They Come..."; Dylan gave us "Boys Are Back In Town"; Julie sang "Angel From Montgomery"; and Brett sang some Cheap Trick, sans shirt!!

Randy Andy was proud to play, with his son there...

...John D. rocked with "Roxanne", even though he was fightin' a cold - John D. was saying beforehand that 'John D. hopes John D. feels better!' Christine rocked "Crazy Train"; Brandon did one of Rockstar's faves, "Casey Jones"; Corey Lim sang "Dancing Queen", and I did a little Edie Brickell!

Then came that time of night, where things got really rockin'!

Rockin' Robin belted "Dream On" and had everyone up on their feet - that's w'as up folks!

Corey Lim and Christine rocked out a duet to "Sweet Child Of Mine", to which huge congratulatory group hugs ensued afterwards! (Though I think somebody owes me dinner, lol...)

Ok, I'll 'settle' for a Merlot.

After all was said 'n done, Ryan and I closed out the night w/my favorite - "In The End"!

Rock on!

'Til next Sun. folks...

Your blogstress --

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Kristie Lee & I - two people who weren't at Kenny's!

Hello everyone -

Due to a nasty case of bronchitis, I wasn't actually at karaoke on Sunday night, and I missed it terribly! Corey Lim sent me a nice text from Kenny's, and it made me feel good to know that I was missed - thanks all! The following day I asked her for a little recap of the night's events. She gave me the 'scoop-age', but then lamented that she didn't have a camera. So, I've taken the liberty to use some past photos of y'all, to put to her notes, so that there would be some assemblance of a blog this week.

Says Corey Lim: " Only Rock Star Richard, Christine, Marky-Mark, John D., Showtime Shon, Colin, Dylan, and I where there for regulars...Natalia showed up a little later too."

"There where some random groups there, but not at all crowded. For highlights Christine Did a KILLER rendition of "Bobby McGee..." Showtime Shon the stage with "Mustang Sally"; Marky-Mark got his Elvis on with "Hound Dog", Natalia belted out "Zombie", Dylan took it down a notch with "Wonderwall", and Collin serenaded us all with "Free Fallin'". I sang "Sweet Child". It went well, and Christine and I may do it as a duet soon. Yay! Ryan rocked the House with "In The End..." I love it when the band plays that song..."

"Oh yeah! Kristee Lee wasn't with us last night, so Joe Mitch played drums with us."

From Joe Mitch: "...we played a lot of hard rock -- Bon Jovi, Heart, Metallica, Guns and Roses...".

So next week, I'll look forward to rockin' out w/the band and everyone! Also, will look forward to things like - John D. telling me "don't put THAT in the blog"; 'Dancin' with the stars' w/Showtime Shon, and just making up for lost time! So look out next Sunday!

'Cause we're bringin' up "Kris-ti-na La-tour!!!!

Kristina :)