Monday, July 27, 2009


That's right folks - the official CCK blog is officially 1 year old -- today!!!! We can toast/celebrate at Kenny's this coming Sunday!

So, this past Sunday night started off in a way that, well, except for the band playing, I wasn't quite sure that it was Sunday night! The 'regulars' filtered in, slowly, but surely... Matt and Andrew started off with some Van Halen; AZ rocked out "Rehab"; Natalia (another Natalia) sang "I'm Just A Girl"; and Marky Mark crooned that their 'ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues'.

Corey Lim wowed w/"Barracuda";
Ivy wanted to 'Love the One You're With'; on a whim, I sang Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful", to which Randy Andy reminded me of the 14 yr. old who 'knocked it out of the park' a few weeks back...thanks Andy... Selene sang "Hot and Cold"; Dylan, whom I thanked for making me a two-fisted drinker, sang Wonderwall, and Ryan did the 'white boy rap', 'Semi-Charmed Life'.

Yum, drinks!

Dylan! We're so proud!

During the first break, much more of the regular crowd was there, and Ryan decided to try 'jinxing' ALL of us by opening up an umbrella INSIDE, AND, standing UNDER IT! I tellyou, you never heard such a crowd, all at once, yelling "NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Ryan, tempting fate...

Continuing on, I sang "Simple Man" in the second set, because, well, I could, since the Reverend (Colin) wasn't there... AZ sang "I Try" by Macy Gray, to which Ron K. said 'has the best bridge ever!' Marky Mark sang "Bye Bye Love"; Corey Lim wowed with "Since U Been Gone"; Rockin' Robin sang
"You're No Good";

Eric sang an old fave, 'Kryptonite';

John D. rocked out "Teen Spirit";

Rob sang "Free Falling";

and Ron K. sang "Easy", because, well, the Reverend wasn't there.

Natalia, (this time, 'our Natalia') sang "Sweet Dreams";

Billy sang "Don't Stop Believin';

Nick sang some Incubus,

and Ron crooned "Sweet Caroline".

You can run from the Paparazzi, but you can't hide from the Paparazzi...

There's no place like Kenny's...

There's no place like Kenny's...

There's no place like ????

"I, wanna rock & roll all night..."

"Mr. Songbook", & Kristie Lee!

Ron K. & Marky deep convo...

Corey Lim, and Natalia

I'm trying to figure out a way for people to sign up, to be put on the email list for the blog...if someone knows how to do this, please let me know.

'Til Sunday...

Your Blogstress ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"(Un) Papparazzi"!

Hey folks - sorry, no pics this week -- I charged my battery, then forgot to put it in the camera. D'oh!!

Anyway, "I used to rule the world..." is how Ryan started off the night, quoting Cold Play's "Viva La Vida" -- LOVE that song! Alan's 'Oooh oooh oooh oooh's' were really grand!

Marky Mark started out the night with "Dream"; the Irreverent Reverend Colin sang that he was "Easy..." (like Sun. morning); Selene sang "Beautiful"; and your Blogstress sang a song that has NEVER been picked from the Crash Course list! Here's a 'hint':

Just like the white winged dove...
Sings a song...Sounds like she's singing...
Whoo... whoo... whoo...
Just like the white winged dove...
Sings a song...Sounds like she's singing...
Ooo baby... ooo... said ooo

Was way fun...

FINALLY, the kitchen was open for business! Of course, not knowing this, I had already eaten a full Italian meal right around the corner, right before the start of Crash Course. In any case, I will be looking forward to a nice plate of nachos, or maybe a nice greasy cheeseburger at Kenny's again, very soon!

Oscar sang "Simple Man", and both he and Alan, (for his awesome guitar solo) got a 'Standing O'! Rockin' Robin ROCKED out w/"Heartbreaker"; Showtime Shon, who did an earlier 'jig' for Ben & LG, complete with hat and spoons - would have made a great pic...oh well... Anyway, he WOWED with Alicia Keys; and John 'Diggity' D. (Ryan's new nickname for John D.) sang "Ain't No Sunshine".

Ben sang "Jumpin' Jack Flash'; Natalia ROCKED out w/"Barracuda"; Robert sang "(Sweet) Melissa"; Roger sang "Imagine"; and Ryan's g/f's family from Nebraska (& NY), sat in the back at the 'judges table', while Ryan sang "(Can't find a) Better Man".

Vince, who hasn't been around in a LONG time, (Shout out!) gave us some Hendrix; Selene belted "Crazy Train"; Marky Mark sang "Folsom Prison Blues"; Colin sang "Have You Ever Seen the Rain"; Showtime Shon wowed with 'Mustang Sally'; Rockin' Robin sang "Come Together"; and Nick sang "Semi-Charmed Life".

John D. and Ben ROCKED out "Man in the Box"; Ron K. 'Ron K.'d' "The Weight"; Terri P. gave us some Duffy (Mercy!); Ben sang "Just What I Needed"; and Bobby Rappaport sang "Feel Like Makin' Love."

And speaking of John D., he has a 'way' about him, that wil make you wanna do things in a bar, that you wouldn't normally wanna do, like, uh, he had both Nick and I doing cartwheels! (Though mine was better, lol) I used to do gymnastics, but for some reason, I still felt the need to prove myself, (ok, show off) so, off came the platform sandals, and the next thing I know I was doing barefoot (yuck) cartwheels! Much to the shagrin of Andrea, the bartender, who protested...'oh please don't'... But we did, and we're still in one least 'til the next time!

Ok then, hopefully I will remember BOTH my camera AND my battery, so I can take some fun pics this next Sunday...see you then!

The Blogstress

Quotes Corner:

"Feel Like Makin' Love!" Oh! And that's what I'm singing too!"
-Bobby Rappaport

"Nice to see Alan wearing the same two shoes!"
-Selene, referring to Alan's first 'both shoe-wearing' foray, after his foot surgery.

"Somebody has to drink it."
-Andy, referring to his shot of Johnny Walker Red

"They learned that for me."

Editor's Note: I assume one of the singers said that referring to CCK, but, didn't write down who it was. Maybe, it was because of the shortage of PENS that night!

Monday, July 13, 2009

"...Rollin' on a River"

'The Gang', gettin' cozy

That was me on Sunday night -- 'Rollin' on a river', celebrating my 101st Crash Course Karaoke song, which as "Mr. Songbook", Joe Chicarelli pointed out, is over 1/3 of their list! It was an awesome night, one that I won't soon forget, despite all of the Blue Moons...

Corey Lim was our lovely host for the evening! The 'Hostess-with-the-Most-ess' started off the night with "Behind These Hazel Eyes".

Medic for the microphone

Marky Mark then sang "Bye Bye Love"; 'Randy Andy' got to sing "You May Be Right"; then Kristina G. sang "You Really Got a Hold On Me".

Matt sang "Hotel California"; Dylan ROCKED out "White Wedding" (we're so proud!)

John D. belted out "Mustang Sally";

Rockin' Robin sang "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree", and then it was my turn to sing "Proud Mary".

For those of you who didn't see it in person:

And to the band -- it has been an honor and a pleasure to sing 101 Crash Course Karaoke songs with you all, and I look forward to the next 101!!

For DanniMac's videos, go to

The Reverend Colin, who is now known as the 'Irreverent Reverend' sang "Summertime"; Joan ROCKED out AC/DC's "Shook Me All Night Long"; and Natalia ROCKED OUT a newly added song to the CCK list, "Barracuda"!!!

Also, Ron K. belted "California Dreamin'", w/John D. & I as the 'Ron-K.-ettes'!

And Stan sang "Behind Blue Eyes."

And folks, THAT is where I left off on my notes! I was having SO. MUCH. FUN...that I just couldn't keep up w/the note-taking. However, lucky for us, there are plenty of photos, and I've included captions, so, enjoy!

Quotes corner:

"We finally have a host who has some sense of fashion"
- The 'Irreverent Reverend', Colin

"Watch the hair."
"Yeah, watch Ron K.'s hair."
-Marky Mark/The Blogstress

Your blogstress - rockin' out!

Rockin' Robin & Kristie Lee

Alan, deep in thought, playing guitar

Natalia and John D.

Kristie Lee & the Irreverent Reverend

More 'deep thoughts', w/Alan & John D.

"Mr. Songbook", Joe Chica-chica-chica-chica-relli



Casey Jones (that is her real name) - dancin'

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue..."

Eric -visiting from Montreal, & Your Blogstress

Number of hot dogs consumed on July 4th: 150 million

Percentage of American households with outdoor grills: 87

Amount of fireworks sold for public celebrations: 25 million pounds

Number of different CCK songs Your Blogstress has sang over the past 4 years:

That's right folks! Brandon hosted CCK this week, and brought back the 'Wild Card', and because of that, I sang my 100th different song with Crash Course Karaoke!

Kristina (a different one) started off the night with Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"; Matt sang 'Vodoo Chile'; Marky Mark got into it w/"Blue Suede


Ben dialed...I mean sang "867-5309";

and Showtime Shon sang "Summertime"!

Nick sang "Born to be Wild";

Rockin' Robin sang "Before He Cheats";

Olga "Wish(ed) You Were Here";

Tina rocked out "Joy to the World" and Ali sang "Beautiful".

What was my 99th different song w/Crash Course, was "Black Velvet", w/the longest intro ever (my 'bad'), then, the longest (most awesome) outro ever! Alan even stood up - on both feet! It was a miracle - given that he's had to stay seated while his foot heals! That's the awesome power of music folks! ;)

Selene sang "Zombie";

Eddie ROCKED OUT "Sweet Child of Mine"; Freddie, the 'sound man' for the night sang "Woodstock";

Brandon "Saw Her Standing There"; then the 'Wild Card' drawings began!

Kristina (not me) picked "Like a Virgin"; Showtime Shon got "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"; and Ben picked "Fever"; Sarah rocked out "Proud Mary";

...and that's when I picked the 'Jack of Hearts',
which was "Something" by The Beatles, which put me at the '100 mark', of different songs I've sang off the CCK list!

I had originally planned on doing a 'very special' 100th song this Sunday, to celebrate! However, I am now going to sing a 'very special 101st song' to celebrate the start of my NEXT 100 songs! Be there, to witness it!

And another thing we can celebrate -- the fact that the blog will be 1-year old, at the end of this month!

So, to continue w/this past week's recap:

'Non-wild-carders' John D. rocked out w/"What's Up";

Bob Scoffield (long time no see man!) sang Folsom Prison Blues;

Marky Mark sang "Hound Dog";
Bobby Rappaport sang "All Along the Watchtower";

Mick sang "Summer of '69". Mr. John, who was visiting w/his crew from GA sang "My Way";

Ron K. sang "No Woman, No Cry";

Selene ROCKED OUT "Welcome to the Jungle", and Eric sang "Glycerine" by Bush!

Showtime Shon; John D. & I were making up our own 'Wild Card' for Brandon, who ended up picking "Born to be Wild"! A fitting title!

Ok folks, see you this Sunday - get ready to CELEBRATE!

Your Blogstress ;)

Some of 'the gang'

Andy 'n Joe - sittin' down on the job

Selene & Eric

Ben & L.G.

Ron K. & Rockin' Robin