Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"It's a, nice day for a, White Wedding..."

...Such was the case of 'art imitating life'. Rockstar was singing Billy Idol's "White Wedding", while Kenny's was decked out for, well, a 'White Wedding'. They really 'classed up the joint' with white tablecloths; white linen decorations on the walls and stage; and a white buffet table - complete with buffet food! Apparently, a Kenny's family member was celebrating their special occasion - quite the celebration indeed! There were even pretty little candle decorations on the large circular tables that covered the floor space. Unfortunately, due to 'technical difficulties', I wasn't able to capture any of the evening on film, so, we'll just have 'kick it old school', and use our memory, and imaginations.

Not Kenny's wedding decorations

John D. rocked the house with 'What's Goin' On'; Mrs. D. followed suit with "Walk Like An Egyptian." I can tell you that it was quite the scene w/Davy Monster; Marky Mark; and myself 'walking like an Egyptian' across the floor of Kenny's. A definite missed photo opportunity.

Some CCK 'newbies' - Tal, from Israel, got up and belted an awesome tune! According to my notes, looks like 'Everything...alright', so, if anyone can help on what that might be, let me know and I'll give her 'proper props'. Eric, another 'newbie', sang Nickelback's 'Rockstar'; Bobby sang "Roadhouse Blues"; Danielle & Colin sang some Stevie Wonder; Dave sang "Love Me Tender"; and Catherine (who I thank profusely for finding my brand new earring) sang "Bette Davis Eyes".'Showtime' Shon was in the house, and sang an awesome rendition of "Imagine"; Marky Mark got lots of 'props' for "Houndog"; Jaye gave us "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"; and Selene sang some Kelly Clarkson, "Behind These Hazel Eyes". Subbing for Ryan was Bran-DOHN, who took it upon himself to give some of us a particular intro song. For Rockin' Robin, who RAILED on Joan Jett's "Hate Myself for Lovin' You", he played,

"Rockin' Robin -- tweet tweet..."

And for me, well, this was my entrance song:

"Da da da - da da da da...Da da da - da da
da da da
(boom boom)

Da Da...(boom boom)
"Da da da da - da da da da da..."

Uh, did you recognize that? Maybe it'll 'ring some bells' if you sing it with the 'STRIPPER MUSIC' music that Brandon so cleverly picked for me, lol...!!!! I was actually having Deja vu - didn't I already do this?

Anyway, during the break, Richard did some stand-up; then during the second set 'Tony Tony Tony' sang "Sunday Bloody Sunday"; Davy Monster sang "The Boxer"; Christine sang "Fever"; Kate's brother Joe got the crowd goin' with "Don't Fear The Reaper"; and Natalie sang "Wonderwall" - much to the sheer and utter delight of one of the UK audience members wearing an 'Oasis' T-shirt.

(in British accent)
"Blimey! I can't believe anyone in the Sat
es even knows who 'Oasis' is!"

Well, uh, yeah...

"Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna bring it back to you..."


Some noteworthy entrances include -- three guys who walked into a bar wearing kilts... no really - no joke - three guys really did walk into the bar wearing kilts! ;)

Not THE three guys who walked in the bar wearing kilts...

Also, Ryan and his lovely lady friend made their entrance a little later, and Ryan got up to sing "Plush"; and 'Skywalker' sang Lenny Kravitz' "Fly Away"; and Billy sang "Pinball Wizard"!

Some of us rocked out some new songs -- props to Rockin' Robin for the John Jett song; John D. sang "Ain't No Sunshine"; and Selene sang "Reflections" - a fave of Brandon's! Hmm, could another 'karoke lottery' be very far behind?

Some programming notes about January's karaoke -- Alan and Andy will be traveling with their band 'Solar Punch' through India for the 'Climate Solutions Road Trip: Voices of India!' So, Crash Course Karaoke will be performing in modified form, with the bass role held by Joe Mitch (first two Sundays in Jan.) and by Greg Ross (last Sunday in Jan.). And Ryan will lead traditional karaoke on the third Sunday.

For more info. please visit: www.indiaclimatesolutions.com and www.solarpunch.org.

Ok folks - I will see you for the first 'modified Sunday', this Sunday! Have a wonderful Happy New Year! Cheers!

Kristina ;)

Monday, December 22, 2008

A BIG blog - for a BIG night!!!!!!




...is the only way I can think to express myself, about CCK Sunday night!!! Seriously, it was THE party to be at! The band was like the Energizer Bunny - they kept going, and going, and going, and going -- 'til 3:30 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew it was going to be a 'wild and crazy' high-energy night, when at 8:30pm, us regulars started dancing to "American Boy" BEFORE the band even took the stage!

"Take me on a trip, I’d like to go some day.
Take me to New York, I’d love to see LA.
I really want to come kick it with you.
You’ll be my American Boy."

Bran-DOHN; 'Showtime' Shon; 'Rockin' Robin; 'Marky' Mark; John & Mrs. D; 'Reverend' Colin; Ben & I were ALL up dancin', and unbeknownst to us at that time - there was still another 7 hours to go!!

Rockstar started off w/Bob Dylan's 'Rolling Stone'; Brandon sang 'Heartbreak Hotel'; Marky Mark sang 'Oh Boy'; Christine sang 'Fever'; I belted out 'One of Us' by Joan Osbourne; and in the spirit of trying 'Rockin' Robin tried a new one, "9-5",
much to the happiness of the band, who said how happy they are when we try new songs! Afterall, "it is Crash Course Karaoke!" And speaking of which, we have Alan's brother, who was there also on Sunday night, to thank for that name! Thanks man! ;)

Bobby, a regular from ANOTHER live band karaoke place (shhh, 'Arlene's'), gave us a rousing version of "Come Together" by the Beatles,
and shocked the hell out everyone, especially Colin - when he removed his wig!

I thought 'the Reverend' was going to pass out right there on the floor of Kenny's!

Anyway, 'Showtime' Shon carried on with "Creep"; John D. took us all back to the 80's w/"Don't Stop Believin'"; Damien sang "Helter Skelter";

Peter couldn't 'get no, Satisfaction'; and Ben sang "Just What I Needed" by the Cars, which may or may not have only been done once before in CCK history!

Natalie also rocked the house with "Pour Some Sugar on Me", to which Ben, Rockin' Robin & I were, well, rockin' out too!

Then, it was time - the moment we had all been waiting for:





Us regulars decided to challenge ourselves by doing a lottery, and singing songs that other regulars usually sing. We would put all the songs in a "hat", and sing the one that we picked.

Ben, explaining 'the hat' to John D.

Fortunately, we knew what songs were going to be up for the lottery, and had time to do some practicing ahead of time. You Tube was getting a lot of attention from me for the past two weeks!

Rockstar was the first to draw his song from the "hat"...er, jar, actually. Ryan announced:

"When I say Rockstar, you say Richard!"





We all gathered around in Richard a tight circle/huddle. What's it gonna be? "I Touch Myself?" "Monster Mash"? OH!! It's "Call Me" by Blondie! Submitted by 'Rockin' Robin! Woo hoo! Way to go Rockstar!

Bran-DOHN was next. Again, we gathered in a huddle - drum roll please - hey, that would have been cool - note to Kristie Lee - we'll have to do that next time! And, it's "I Saw Her Standing There"-

-submitted by the 'Reverend' Colin! Wow, talk about LUCKING OUT! Whew! Then, Ryan had the idea to have the Band pick the next singer's name! The band picked Ben's name, and he got to sing "Play That Funky Music (White Boy)" - another STRETCH!!! LOL!! That song was submitted by John D. Good job man! And speaking of which, John D. was next in line to get draw his song - we all huddle, what's it gonna be? "Folsom Prison Blues"!

Really? Hey, WAIT a minute -- Ben picked John D.'s submission, and John D. picked Ben's submission - what is goin' on here? Hmmm, very IN-teresting, I have to say... Anyway, 'Marky' Mark was picked to sing next - he crooned a little Bill Withers, in "Ain't No Sunshine", submitted by Bran-DOHN! Great job Marky Mark!

During the band's first break. Kristie Lee excitedly said "I like this lottery - it gets us out of the box!" Still left were five of us: 'Rockin' Robin; the 'Reverend' Colin'; 'Mrs. Rockstar', Christine; 'Showtime' Shon, and me! The songs left to sing were "Sympathy for the Devil"; "At Last"; "I Touch Myself"; "Shout!"; "Since U Been Gone"; & "Monster Mash". Corey Lim was unfortunately not able to make it that night after all, but we kept her song in ("Since U Been Gone") so that which ever one was left over, Ryan would get to sing! The rest of us - 'the five', were all huddled together, holding candles, about to break into a verse of Kumbaya! Which song would we get? Who would sing "Shout!"? Who would sing "Sympathy..."? Who would sing -- "Monster Mash"?

The band resumed again. I didn't get her name, but some girl got up onstage and rocked the hell out of "You Outta Know"! Whew! Then, it was time. Another moment of truth:

"Showtime" Shon! Again, another huddle. What song is it? "At Last", submitted by Christine. He crooned his way thru the song - way to go Shon!

Then, 'Rockin' Robin! And she picked "Shout!", which Showtime Shon submitted. It was indeed the most 'sultry 'Shout' ever!

And a little bit softer now...
And a little bit softer now...
And a little bit softer now...

And a little bit louder now...
And a little bit louder now...
And a little bit louder now...


That means that there are only 4 SONGS left to pick from!!!!!

"Sympathy for the Devil"; "I Touch Myself"; "Since U Been Gone"; and..."Monster Mash"!!!!

Christine's name was drawn next - and she sings -- "I Touch Myself", entered by 'yours truly'! And as always, Ryan made his usual announcement about how that song is dedicated to "your bartender, Andrea"!

Oh no, 3 songs left - Colin and I grasped hands, and huddled together on the couch. Alan drew MY name - uh oh, I was next! Huddle please, can I get some support from my 'peeps'? I rolled my fingers through the three remaining cards - picked one, and OMG!!!!!!!!!! I picked "Monster Mash"!! How could that be?! I 'thanked' Marky Mark for putting that one in.

I was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from his slab began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

He did the mash
He did the monster mash
The monster mash
It was a graveyard smash...

Ok, I admit it - it was indeed fun, doin' a little 'monster mash dance' on stage, while channeling Vincent Price! So, that left the Reverend Colin, to pick his song, which was none other than Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone", which of course he totally made his own! And kudos to Ryan for singin' out the set with the last song of 'Karoke Lottery', "Sympathy for the Devil" - awesome job Ryan!

I'm afraid my note-taking ended w/the lottery. All I can say is that the third set was off the hook! Not only did the bar run out of (gasp!) my red wine - this after running next door to the Red Lion ('grrrrrr'), for some more, but they ran out of glasses as well! I had to drink beer -- out of a plastic cup! Ah, memories of my youth.

And direct from Russia and Dubai, Mr. John Altorelli entered the building right before the third set began, and was kind enough to treat us to some holiday cheer! Thanks John!

Holiday Cheer!

Bran-DOHN had everybody up and dancing to "Jump in the Line"; Rockstar sang 'A Little Less Conversation; and Kate sang "White Rabbit"!

"White Rabbit"

John A. also made a personal request, and that was for all the guys (Brandon; Shon; Colin; Rockstar; and newcomer, Paul) to sing 'Mustang Sally'; and all the gals (me; Christine; and Kate), to sing "We Are Family"! A great homage to CCK & Kenny's, I would say!
On a personal note, I've thoroughly enjoyed singin' and hangin' out with all of you this past year! Thanks Crash Course, for creating something really special and bringing us all together! And also, of course, for letting us get to perform every week! Have a wonderful holiday! See you Sunday!

Kristina ;)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ben, Me, and 'Danny Mac'

Ok, so I took SOME notes at Kenny's on Sunday - a few anyway...and stored them in a 'safe' place (lol...) Anywhoo, Damien blew us away w/"Come Together"; Heather sang "Plush"; Noah, a 'blast from the past', sang "The Boys Are Back in Town"; Selene sang "Zombie"; Dylan sang "Brown-Eyed Girl"; and Corey Lim belted "S.O.S" - goin' out by special request from John D. & Mrs. D; and John D. belted "Crazy Train"!

Christine & Rockstar Richard

Irenka sang a lovely "Sweet Home Alabama"; Colin belted "Simple Man"; Ben sang "Brandy" by Looking Glass; ('You're a fine girl'); Jack sang "Free Falling"; Marky Mark sang "Dream"; Warren sang "USSR"; Christine sang "White Rabbit"; & Rockstar sang "Sympathy For The Devil".

Rockstar, 'Randy Andy', & Alan (your gigolo)

Ryan belted my favorite song by Linkin Park, "In The End";
Teresa sang "Brass in Pocket"; and Ron K. gave us "No Woman, No Cry"; and 'Danny Mac' sang "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". And, the 'special guests' on Sunday night were the 'Long Island Outback Steakhouse' crew, singing "R-e-s-p-e-c-t"!

Long Island Outback Crew

Tune in for some more 'shenanigans' next week! 'Til then...

Kristina ;)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Greetings all! Another fun night at CCK on Sunday! As you can see, I was diggin' it! ;)

An announcement first, Ron K. is playing with his band again, The Standalones, this Sunday at Kenny's at 7:00pm! Set list songs includes "Time Won't Let Me"; "Chantilly Lace"; and some new blues, so, come on out!


Showcase Set Rock n Roll
Kenny’s Castaways
Country Rhythm & Blues
7:00 – 8:00
***no cover***
( so don’t be late)
Tom Kay – vocals, horns, percussion
Ron K - vocals, keyboards
Jason S - guitar, vocals
Warren K – bass, vocals
Special guest George Morales - drums

Spectacular encore performance !!!!!
Standalones are STILL contagious!!!!

Anyway, as I came into Kenny's this past frigid Sunday night, Ryan was 'chill-axin' in the booth, and Selene was reading "Twighlight".

At first, I thought I had stepped into a Starbucks! Then , Rockstar livened things up by throwing holiday candies across the room, and the firefighters took over the stage with "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Rockin' Robin rocked out some new songs -- "Heartbreaker" and "Magic Man", and speaking of Pat Bentar, I tried a new one too - "Hit Me With Your Best Shot!"

So, still didn't take any notes - was having too much fun to stop and write things down. Plus, I thought I could remember all of the fun details of 'who sang what', etc... Hmmm, what was IN those Vodka/Cranberry's, uh, besides vodka, and cranberry... oh, a lime... :)

Joe Mitch was the guest drummer, and he rocked out as always! And because of his request from when he played there the last time, ladies and gentelman:




That's right - it was another 'Sabotage Sunday!'

Anyway, more songs -- Ryan ROCKED OUT
'In the End'!

Rockstar sang Casey Jones; Christine belted "White Rabbit"; Ben sang "Come Together"; Marky Mark sang "Oh Boy!"; Showtime Shon; Reverend Colin; and Frank all rocked out throughout the night; while John A. gave everyone 'props'!

And now, for the second announcement - Joe Mitch had a 'Joe Cam' on Sunday night, and included the links to You Tube. While the camera is there to shows his awesome drumming, you can hear Christine, and, Ron K.'s songs in the background. He wanted me to include them - you may have to copy/paste into your browser:

Christine singing DREAM ON:


Christine singing WHITE RABBIT


Ron K. singing MY GIRL


Ok folks, that's it for now -- see you Sunday!

Kristina ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Look Ma! No notes! (Again)

Again, w/the no notes - I know... It's just that I'm having so much fun, that I don't always think about writing things down - instead, I think 'oh, that was so great, I'll remember that!' And then a few days pass, recovery from the night sets in and then 'poof' - it's gone.

I do know that as always, it was a blast! Bran-DOHN, a.k.a. 'Captain America', a.k.a. 'Kanye East' started off the night by hosting - then Ryan came back and resume his hosting duties by rockin' out one of my faves - 'In The End'.

Rockstar and Brandon did back-to-back Elvis with 'Heartbreak Hotel' and 'A Little Less Conversation' respectively. Christine surprised everyone with expressing her 'inner-Ozzy' by singing 'Crazy Train'! She def. looked like the 'rocker chick' part too!

Marky Mark belted out 'Oh Boy', and, invited me to harmonize with him during 'Dream' - thank you kind sir! 'Tony Tony Tony' gave us 'Wonderwall', and, he, Rockstar and Andy all did a song - was it the Grateful Dead? Gosh, and that was early in the night too...hmmm. Showtime Sean had EVERYONE boogie-ing down on the floor with 'Shout'; and Alan played guitar with his teeth!

'Reverend Colin' - graced us again with his magnificant vocals; and Bianca from The Netherlands,rocked out 'Self-Esteem', while all of her friends cheered me on in 'One of Us'!

Dylan got up to sing "American Girl" (we're all so proud!); and Corey Lim belted 'Magic Man'! Props to Kristie Lee's Mom, and, congrats to Kristie Lee's nuptials! It seems like just last week...oh wait...that was last week that Ted got down on one knee to propose -- congrats to you both!