Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy 200th Anniversary rock!

Another rockin' eve lastnight, as Bran-'DONE' guest hosted again, and to a PACKED house, as we celebrated 5 years of Crash Course Karaoke, and 200 shows! From their days at the Underscore (where I first made their acquaintance) one of the 'regulars', Chris Houterman showed up, along w/the Underscore's owner, Paul. And of course there were the current 'regulars', Rockin' Robin; Selene; Marky Mark; Kate; Isaac; Corey Lim & Dylan; Davy Monster; Bob Scoffield; John D. & Maria; Rockstar Richard, Christine & John A.

The newer 'soon-to-be-regulars' were there too; Chuck who 'got no' 'Satisfaction'; and Michelle who took us back to the 80's w/'Like a Virgin'. And there was Shelton who 'Heard it Through the Grapevine' in his smooth 'velvetty' voice. John D. & I 'Played that Funky Music White Boy', and Bran-DONE 'Jump(ed) in the Line' as the last song of the night, where just about the whole bar followed suit! And Ryan, our 'regular' Crash Course host made a guest appearance, and sang his signature song 'My Own Worst Enemy', while the Cookie Monster pinatta took a very bad beating, but bared some delicious goodies - Tootsie Rolls, Fireballs; Dum Dums - YUM YUM!

(My Own Worst Enemy music in background)
Will somebody, somebody please, Alan, Andy, Cookie Monster -

"Please tell me whyyyyyyyyyy,
my car is in the front yard
And I'm sleeping with my clothes on
I came in through the window lastnight...!"

I just realized that I was at Kenny's lastnight, longer than I was asleep! No wonder I'm ready to take a nap while I'm munching on my Cherry Dum Dum... a true sign, of a great night!


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